Saturn Retrograde Cycle 2016 – Fruition or Closure?

At 08:51pm this evening (AEST), Saturn passed over the degree at which he first turned retrograde (16 degrees 24 seconds of Sagittarius) back in March 2016.

Between now and 10th December,  expect something to be bought to either fruition or closure; something that was likely instigated, up for review or perhaps, even presumed finished during March.

The Saturn Retrograde Cycle is synonymous with experiencing hard work, delay and potential frustration(s).

Add to that the Saturn/Neptune Square of 2016 and it’s certainly been a year of restriction/disillusionment for many.

Remember to look at where these transits have been active within your birth chart.

Saturn’s Retrograde Cycle has covered 9 to 16 degrees of Sagittarius.Which house does that represent for you and what are the themes related to that house?

If a planet resides between 9 and 16 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) then it is likely that you were strongly affected by the Saturn (Sat On) energy this year.

Since the final hit of the Saturn/Neptune square back in September, it’s likely that you have been experiencing some forward momentum and with Saturn’s final pass over 16 degrees and 24 seconds of Sagittarius this momentum is now likely to ramp up somewhat.

The next four weeks will allow conclusions to be formed around whatever it is that you’ve been working on.

Add to this that Neptune is currently stationary and preparing to turn direct after a long retrograde period and you’ll be wise to remain patient (just a little longer).

Don’t try to push for those conclusions; especially if you’re still feeling vague/confused about your direction.

Tap into your intuition and have faith that they will come.

This can take place in two ways – fruition or closure, so over the next month note what appears –

Is all of your hard work and dedication now starting to bare fruit?

If that’s the case, remember to make time to celebrate and enjoy your success.

What has Saturn helped you to manifest within your life?

Alternatively, you may now find yourself saying goodbye to anything that hasn’t worked out – a relationship, a job, a project, an idea…

Saturn also represents our inner authority and sometime over the next four weeks you may just glean something of an increase in that.

Wishing you a greater sense of empowerment and a lifting of the fog,

Toria xo

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Saturn is now Direct… What Final Brush Strokes are Needed?

Painting Canvas Outer and Inner World - PAID

Saturn will now retrace his steps back to the point at which he first turned retrograde; offering you the chance to apply the final brush strokes .

What have you been working on since late December 2015?

A project, relationship, job, personal belief system, personal behaviour pattern, your health?

With Saturn in Sagittarius this ‘project’ will likely be connected to your personal truth and your core belief system, which themselves may have been up for some re-work.

Is your Outer World an accurate expression of your Inner World?

What needs to be further worked upon to ensure that these align?

With Saturn now moving at his slowest you may be experiencing the feeling that you’ll never get there; especially if you have planets at 9 or 10 degrees within your chart.

Take heart, however, as it takes a while to birth a new you.

Just imagine if you were a mountain!

According to Aborigine legend it takes a really long time to birth one of those!

As we get into October, Saturn’s speed will pick up the pace until he re-reaches the initial retrograde degree (November 19th 2016) and brings things to a conclusion…

… be that the birth of something or the end of something.

A ‘something’ that has been irrevocably altered.

This will relate to where Saturn has been travelling through your chart and the potential triggers that he has activated (through transits to your natal planets) during this retrograde cycle.

If you’d like to understand more about your chart, you can grab your free copy of my E-Book ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness’ here.

The Final Call To Clear Up Those Deep Emotions and The Push To Keep Moving Ahead as We Encounter the Serpent and Old Father Time … An Update on the Mars and Saturn Retrograde Cycles

Hold It!...


Mars has been at the final degree of Scorpio since Sunday, so be on the look out for venomous emotions that may arise in you as a signal of imbalance or as a marker for any remaining pain points that have yet to be addressed; especially if he is activating your personal chart.

If you’re feeling impatient, angry, resentful, frustrated, restless, scattered, bored, stuck, low in vitality, lacking in enthusiasm, exhausted or insensitive then you may be connecting with this energy.

Issues of low self-esteem could also be magnified now with the current Leo energy in play so watch for a tendency to berate yourself over any perceived failures or tricky challenges.

Toxic emotions; such as resentment, guilt, jealousy and suspicion could come up along with a tendency to self-destruction, obsession and controlling behaviour.

Any final nudges that he’s sending your way are a last call to clear any deep emotions around unacknowledged anger that you may have been hanging onto since he began this particular retrograde cycle back in late February*.


Mars will be hanging out here until he enters Sagittarius just before this week’s New Moon, which will take place tomorrow morning.

Mars also rules cuts and burns; both of which I have experienced this week so pay attention if you are encountering the same.

Do you need to slow down?

I have also connected with a need to take greater care of myself, which became apparent during a litter pick?** on my walk to the shops where I found myself uttering the sentence “Why should I always have to do this!”.

Remember – we cannot happily pour from an empty cup without seriously depleting ourselves.

So questions like these may be important for you to consider over the next few hours:

  • Are you taking correct care of yourself?
  • Do you need to slow down?
  • Are you doing too much?
  • Are you saying ‘yes’ a little too often?
  • Are you going after what you want in life?
  • Are you expressing your anger effectively?
  • Do you exercise often?
  • Are you asking for support or running on empty?

…and what can you do about it?

Hold It!...


Saturn also reached the next point in his current retrograde cycle today – marked by his trine with The Sun.

This tells us that he has now slowed right down ready to turn direct next week.

Hold that celebrating for now, however, as there is not yet a clear path out of the woods with him set to stay put at the same 9 degrees of Sagittarius until the end of August.

You may feel like you’re walking in slow motion for the remainder of this month and a rise in tension and frustration could result. Especially so for those (like me) with planets at 9 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Impatience can increase the desire to get things done so be wary of a tendency to rush.

Mark November 19th on your calendar, as that is the date when Saturn will reach the point at which he first turned retrograde and, therefore, the date when a conclusion of all your hard work should be forthcoming.


*Although Mars didn’t officially turn retrograde until April 2016, he first triggered 23 degrees of Scorpio during February 2016, which was the point at which he turned retrograde-direct (where his backwards journey finally terminated). This point marks the beginning of this particular Mars retrograde cycle. Such a lead up a planet turning retrograde is important, as the energy can be keenly felt as the planet first triggers the point to which he will later return in his retrograde cycle; a point, which will usually highlight an important theme of the cycle.

**I often collect litter on my way to and from the shops and have taught my children to do the same. I believe that this is all part of taking responsibility for the environment around us; helping to mitigate a build up of rubbish and looking after our animals. Looking back at the cleared street can bring a feeling of connection that we can all play our part.

The Sound of Drums -A Time to Celebrate?

Untitled design(2)During meditation this morning I could hear drums beating. My cells felt alive and vibrated alongside the beat. My body was filled with a sense of excitement.

I think something has shifted.

These past few days I have been experiencing physical symptoms – a cold, a lost voice, extreme tiredness, breakouts. They’re still present this morning (minus the breakouts – yay!), but lighter somehow.

The extreme rain that was falling yesterday and into the night has cleared and now the birds are singing as the sun is rising in the sky; as if personifying that a cleanse has taken place.

It’s as if yesterday’s blog post marked the ‘low point of the story’ with regards to the Saturn/Neptune square and the huge energy that has been part of the Grand Cross of late.

Yes, my night’s dreams are still profoundly vivid and yes, they’re still peppered with imagery of anger (Mars retrograde) and lack (Saturn retrograde), but today there’s more promise and it feels like the promise of something new.

A week last Thursday our family started a new morning routine.

Every morning, we start the day ingesting Diatomaceous Earth (DE) followed by a green juice.

The littlies are actually having theirs together, as the green juice masks the taste of the DE.

My almost-two-year-old loves his green juices and will keep coming back to me in the kitchen with his empty cup to request more. It’s a challenge making enough for the six of us to have a fair amount at times.

Mars is now travelling at his slowest in preparation for his stationary-direct. He will turn direct next Thursday. Between now and then, what steps can you take to clear any residual Mars energy from your personal energetic field?

Emotional honesty is important; talking over our emotions, if possible; writing about them, sitting with them, acknowledging them.

Hopefully once Mars turns direct and begins to pick up a little pace we can all start to feel a little more vital.

I hope that you too are filled with greater optimism and hope as we journey towards tonight’s Full Moon and the Solstice.

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Mars Retrograde 2016 and an anecdote

Denial is pushing something out of your awareness. Anything you hide in the basement has a way of burrowing under the house and showing up on the front lawn.” – Howard Sasportas

This is one of my favourite quotes and it seems very apt right now, as joining Saturn in his retrograde motion we have Mars, who will be turning retrograde (seemingly moving backwards) this weekend.

Both planets are currently travelling through the sign of Sagittarius so what I am about to explain will affect the house(s) in your chart that are governed by the key Sagittarian degrees. More on this later..

In a minute, I’m going to tell you a story (how very Sagittarian) about a knight. This story is an attempt to convey the combined energy of these two planets travelling ‘seemingly backwards’ through Sagittarius.

Let’s set the energetic scene before we begin:

The Sun in our natal chart represents our innate vitality.

Mars, associated with The God of War, is what enables us to demonstrate that vitality outwards.

In short, Mars is all about ‘action’.

Mars retrogrades occur once every 2 years bringing us the opportunity for some internal contemplation  and to potentially uncover previously buried feelings that need to be acknowledged and released.

But to do this, we first have to slow down.

When Mars stations and turns retrograde we may suddenly feel as if something has suddenly stopped; be it a project, relationship or some other area of life; in Sagittarius this is probably related to where we are striving for growth.

Our motivation can appear to vanish and we may experience a loss of energy; potentially finding it hard to focus on what we were previously so enthusiastic about and feeling that its all just hard work.

Frustrations can occur around themes relative to the house where Mars is now travelling through within our personal natal charts.

Rather than see this time as a futile struggle, Mars and Saturn are calling for a reassessment.

If we listen to what is stirring; if we put in the effort at the key points within each cycle then we may just be able to align the foundations of our lives more accurately with our inner truth.

These retrogrades are not sent to delay us or frustrate us they are simply a nudge to put us on the right path, which may not have been the path upon which we were headed.

To ensure that we really do want to achieve the goals and ambitions that we think we do and to, potentially, show us other ways of getting there.

Here’s that story; a little anecdote if you like, to get the idea across to you.

Sir Sag (as in short for Sagittarius, not overweight and un-toned 😉 ) is standing looking out from the castle walls; surveying the landscape around him.

His mighty steed is being made ready down in the stables below, as Sir Sag is about to set off on a great journey.

As he looks at the surrounding hills and villages he wonders, with a glimmer of excitement (Sagittarians love an adventure), where this ‘journey’ will take him.

He pictures himself arriving battle-ready on the fields, joining his fellow knights in combat.

Strong and Steely; a hero.

A call comes up from the stable. The horse is ready.

Our hero sets off from the castle walls at a mighty pace with his Sagittarian boundless enthusiasm.

He travels for one whole day and half of the next night until finally (amazed at how awesome he is to have travelled so far in such a short space of time) he sits down for a rest.

The planet Saturn, currently retrograde in the sky, twinkles ever so slightly.

As he falls into a deep sleep he dreams of days of old. He dreams of the village where he grew up, of his parents and his siblings. He sees the green, rolling fields. He recalls the laughter, the sense of ease and the freedom of his youth.

He wakes feeling nostalgic and starving. For our Sagittarian Knight has a voracious appetite.

As his horse is drinking from a river close by, he sits down with his huge bowl of breakfast to contemplate the next phase of his journey.

He looks around him and can’t quite shake off that dream. A part of him wishes that things were different.

When his father died he took on the role of the family wage-earner. His mother was so proud when he announced he was going to ‘knight-school’ (I know, but hey, it’s funny 😉 ).

He’d graduated. He’d worked his way up and he’d done very well for himself. He had maidens waiting on the sound of his horse hoofs in every village and town and he’d travelled lots.

But, this wasn’t quite what he’d envisaged as a child.

He had loved his life to date.

Let’s face it, which knight wouldn’t love that kind of life, but he wanted more.

He wanted a family to adventure with. A wife equally as spontaneous as he and, although fighting was all very manly, he was a little bored of it.

He just wasn’t cut out for it. Not like Sir Aries seemed to be (Aries is the sign ruled by Mars – The God of War).

He had so much wisdom to share! He had dreams of teaching horse-riding skills; perhaps to apprentice knights.

Sir Sag takes a deep breath and as he does so, Mars, just turned retrograde, twinkles; ever so slightly.

He looks up at the sky (he navigates by the stars) intending to plan the next leg of his journey and suddenly, it hits him.

The full trip should have taken a whole day and 8 hours

He should have been there by now! Why is he not there? Where the blazers is he?!

Now he’s frustrated. In fact, he’s angry!

Why did his father have to die?! Why did his mother not discourage him and let him stay with her?! Where was his lost childhood?!

Why did he now have to travel another 300 miles to fight a battle that had nothing to do with him and that was just going to bore the armour off of him?

We’ll leave our knight here for now and catch up with him later in the cycle.

Lets now look at how Mars Retrograde may have an effect on you:

Mars retrograde motion usually asks that we slow down and we may find that external events or our own internal energy will push us to do this.

With Mars and Saturn currently retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius this will be a great time to ask whether what we ‘do’ is actually what we want to do.

Are we acting in our own best interests; aligned with the truth of who we are, or are we doing things from a place of fear and ‘shoulds’? Do we feel that we are free to be ourselves and to assert for what we want?

If we have been previously afraid to stand up for our beliefs or to express the truth of who we are we may now find that we are connecting with some resentment.

We may suddenly start to think over old hurts; realising that what we thought we were over or had dealt with, we had simply suppressed.

This can often be related to unresolved conflicts with others and it can take us by surprise; especially if we’re suddenly connecting with emotions related to old situations that we believed were in the past.

By bringing the, previously suppressed, energy into consciousness Mars retrograde gifts us the chance to acknowledge and to feel it.

From this space we can then make steps to heal whatever it is; perhaps by taking the appropriate Bush Flower Essence, seeing a counsellor or  through some other healing modality that we resonate with.

Sitting in nature and journaling can be a simple, yet powerful way to acknowledge our inner pain.

Often by giving acknowledgement to our ‘sore spots’ we give them a voice and allow them to be released. By bringing these potentially darker feelings out into the light we often realise that they aren’t such bad feelings after all and if we confide in a friend we may even find that they too have experienced such emotions.

When we deny certain aspects of our nature; often unconsciously, we tend to see it reflected back at us by others.

For example, if a child is constantly told that they must do for others and that doing anything for themselves is selfish then that child may grow into an adult who is prone to burn out.

Constantly helping others and feeling a nagging guilt about the deep need for personal nourishment that is screaming inside them.

The adult that this child becomes could then be prone to illness and may even experience an emotional breakdown if they allow such a behaviour pattern to run their life.

When we are able to acknowledge our sore spots and work through them we end up freeing the energy that was previously being used to keep what we may have deemed ‘selfish’ or ‘not nice’ locked away.

This freeing of energy can enable us to move forward unencumbered with renewed enthusiasm, but often we must first confront some potentially darker emotions; such as resentment, rage or frustration.

Mars stations-retrograde (April 17th at 10:14pm here in Brisbane (AEST)), (01:14pm in England (BST (GMT-1)))

Mars will traverse, seemingly backwards, between 8 degrees and 54 seconds of Sagittarius and 23 degrees and 3 seconds of Scorpio between 17th April and 29th June this year.

Anyone with planets between 23 to 30 degrees of Scorpio and 0 to 8 degrees of Sagittarius is likely to be strongly affected by this retrograde.

  1. I’ll keep you updated as we move through this cycle and as Mars backtracks into Scorpio so you may want to ensure that you are catching these highlights. You can do this in a variety of ways – by subscribing to my blog, following me on facebook or by subscribing to my newsletters.

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