Are you Ready to Set Your Intentions? – The First New Moon of 2017 is almost here…


Our first New Moon of 2017 is on her way.


… if you didn’t yet set your intentions for this year,

… if you’re already under way with reaching those goals and would like to take your plan to the next level,

… or if you’ve got something that you’d really like to achieve in the next four weeks …

then you may want to get yourself prepared for when she exacts at 10:06:57am on 28th January (here in Brisbane (AEST)).

You can read all about the energy of this particular New Moon here.

We’re talking Aquarian energy, so get set to embrace your individuality and honour your independent and one-off fabulous, unique self.

I’ll be sending out my first Newsletter of the year this week, so if you’d like further help with setting those intentions, you can sign up here.

And, remember – 2017 is the start of a whole new 9 year cycle numerologically-speaking, so this is a great time to really set some strong foundations in place.

Now, Go be Fabulous πŸ™‚

Toria xo



New Moon in Scorpio – Would you Like Help with Setting & Tracking Your Intentions?


Tomorrow’s Scorpio New Moon will exact at 03:38am on 31st October 2016 here in Brisbane (AEST).

Have you set your intentions yet?

If you’d like help with this, you can sign up to my Mailing List.

Not only will you receive regular updates on the monthly moon cycle to help you with setting and tracking those intentions, you’ll also be given access to my free E-Book “Introductory Tips to Astrological Self Awareness”.

The next Moon cycle starts tomorrow morning so it’s a great time to sign up.

Wishing you a magical and powerful new cycle.

Toria xo

Getting Crystal Clear – Navigating the Ebb and Flow

Skyla Surfing

Did you set your intentions at the New Moon?

I know, sometimes you get so caught up in the busyness of life that you forget to pause and reflect. I do too.

Yet, taking a minute to reconnect with what it is you actually want from life can be powerful.

Without such periods, we tend to find ourselves reacting to situations and moments rather than consciously creating the life that we dream of.

When we sit within our hearts for a while we can strengthen our connection with that innate intuition that speaks to us through feelings and helps us to navigate our daily lives attuned to the natural ebb and flow of life.

So why not set aside some time this afternoon to do just that?

Remember, the 24-hour period following a New Moon can be powerful for setting intentions.

If you’re feeling a little foggy and would like some help in bringing about that clarity, you might want to order yourself a bottle of Basil Essential Oil.

Basil is a memory stimulant, relieves nervous exhaustion and helps to alleviate worries.

You can get yours here.

Toria xo


Bringing the Sacred into Everyday Life

Meditation Morning RitualThis is how I like to start my day.

Sat in meditation πŸ™πŸ»

To the North I have Earth. Symbolised this morning by my crystals.

To the South I have Fire, symbolised by my beautiful lotus candle that was bought for me by a dear fire sign (Aries) friend.

To the East I have my computer playing meditation music; symbolic of Air.

To the West I have my morning lemon water symbolising the element of Water and becoming infused with the energy of my ritual.

In the middle I place myself; spirit incarnated into body; grateful for all the elements surrounding me and within me and giving me this wonderful Earthly experience called life πŸ’ž β€ͺ

How are you bringing the sacred into your daily life?

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