Any Communication Difficulties Yet? Mercury Retrograde – Plus Timeline


The week before a Full Moon can be a little crazy.

Full Moon energy can bring us face to face with the shadow side of our personalities.

It wouldn’t be surprising given the energy of this particular Full Moon,which falls in Gemini (Gemini is the sign ruled by Mercury) and the fact that we are currently in the lead up (the shadow period) to Mercury’s impending retrograde if you have been experiencing communication issues.

Mercury rules communication and his retrograde periods (when Mercury seemingly travels backward across our skies) can be synonymous with delays and communication mayhem, so be on the look out for what is arising around you and within you.

Of course, all of this does not just happen.

It is always a prompt to something that is needing attention.

Something that Mercury is showing to us from within our psyche that is asking us to take responsibility.

Mercury Retrograde works very well with ‘re‘ words.

Words like rework, renovate, research and Mercury often gives us a chance to redo what isn’t working so well.

Often we experience technical glitches and mix ups.

Cars, computers and white goods can all be affected; often needing repair or replacement.

And… it’s a good time to check and double-check; to reread and to review, so in the build up to Christmas make sure that you’ve ordered everything that you think you have – that it’s the right item, size and colour.


Mercury will travel between 15degrees and 17seconds of Capricorn back to 28degrees and 50seconds of Sagittarius during this particular retrograde.

Where does that fall in your birth chart? Which house (area of life) is up for review?

Do you have planets around those degrees? What do those planets represent?

The following keywords are from my Ebook “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”, which you can download for free when you sign up to my Newsletter.

Do you have lessons to learn around any of these?



Keywords: Optimistic, Traveller, Freedom-Seeker, Spiritual-Seeker, Religious/Spiritual, Expansive, Exuberant, Adventurous, Inspirational, Unrestrained, Intelligent, Spontaneous, Restless, Explorer, Outspoken, Extroverted, Boisterous, Aware of the Bigger Picture

Negatively: Blunt, Opinionated, Indiscriminate, Clumsy/Accident-Prone, Careless, Extravagant, Exaggeratedly, Unreliable, Self-Righteous, Preaching, Fanatical



Keywords: Serious, Disciplined, Responsible, Hardworking, Reliable, Structured, Resilient, Careful, Prudent, Cautious, Ambitious, Incredible Integrity, Self Sufficient, Respectful, Reserved, Honest/Law-Abiding, Honest, Enterprising, Traditional, Conservative, Enduring, Wise, Mature, Achiever, Appropriate Boundaries

Negatively: Burdened, Pessimistic, Stern, Mean, Narrow-Minded, Fearful, Guilt-Ridden, Opportunistic, Hard, Inhibited, Bound, Walled-In


It is likely that this particular retrograde will bring up a combination of themes across both signs. These themes are vast and it all depends on your own personal circumstances as to how this may affect you.

You can play around with the keywords and look at the examples that are happening in your life.

Combinations; such as given here in the following examples, may well be playing out for some and more examples can be found in my previous Mercury Retrograde posts on these two signs, which can be found in the ‘Related Posts’ section below.

  • Lessons around loosening what keeps us bound, so that we can open to more spontaneity and adventure.
  • A need to take more responsibility to become more reliable where we have previously been a little lax.
  • Communication problems that may stem from being over-authoritative and strict or that arise from judgement. Is there a need to be more open-minded and open-hearted and less critical?
  • Is more inspiration required? What has become dull?


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Saturn is now Direct… What Final Brush Strokes are Needed?

Painting Canvas Outer and Inner World - PAID

Saturn will now retrace his steps back to the point at which he first turned retrograde; offering you the chance to apply the final brush strokes .

What have you been working on since late December 2015?

A project, relationship, job, personal belief system, personal behaviour pattern, your health?

With Saturn in Sagittarius this ‘project’ will likely be connected to your personal truth and your core belief system, which themselves may have been up for some re-work.

Is your Outer World an accurate expression of your Inner World?

What needs to be further worked upon to ensure that these align?

With Saturn now moving at his slowest you may be experiencing the feeling that you’ll never get there; especially if you have planets at 9 or 10 degrees within your chart.

Take heart, however, as it takes a while to birth a new you.

Just imagine if you were a mountain!

According to Aborigine legend it takes a really long time to birth one of those!

As we get into October, Saturn’s speed will pick up the pace until he re-reaches the initial retrograde degree (November 19th 2016) and brings things to a conclusion…

… be that the birth of something or the end of something.

A ‘something’ that has been irrevocably altered.

This will relate to where Saturn has been travelling through your chart and the potential triggers that he has activated (through transits to your natal planets) during this retrograde cycle.

If you’d like to understand more about your chart, you can grab your free copy of my E-Book ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness’ here.

Sun Sign Self Awareness Series – Video 3 Released Today

Hey Beautiful,
Have you been following the Sun Sign Self Awareness Series?
If so, then here’s video 3 – freshly released today and especially for you 😉
In this video, I discuss the energy of 2016 in relation to the current Leo energy; specifically:
  • How this year’s transits could be impacting your Ability to Shine.
  • The Higher Message/Point of the Energy
  • Some Ideas of how to Embrace and Move With It
If you’re yet to start, you can access all 3 videos here .
I’ll be running a Q&A session later in the week so look out for the opportunity:
  • To ask me a question related to anything covered in the first three videos
  • To get clarity  on anything you’ve found unclear to date
  • To share any ‘A-Ha’ moments
See you at the session,
Toria xo

The Final Call To Clear Up Those Deep Emotions and The Push To Keep Moving Ahead as We Encounter the Serpent and Old Father Time … An Update on the Mars and Saturn Retrograde Cycles

Hold It!...


Mars has been at the final degree of Scorpio since Sunday, so be on the look out for venomous emotions that may arise in you as a signal of imbalance or as a marker for any remaining pain points that have yet to be addressed; especially if he is activating your personal chart.

If you’re feeling impatient, angry, resentful, frustrated, restless, scattered, bored, stuck, low in vitality, lacking in enthusiasm, exhausted or insensitive then you may be connecting with this energy.

Issues of low self-esteem could also be magnified now with the current Leo energy in play so watch for a tendency to berate yourself over any perceived failures or tricky challenges.

Toxic emotions; such as resentment, guilt, jealousy and suspicion could come up along with a tendency to self-destruction, obsession and controlling behaviour.

Any final nudges that he’s sending your way are a last call to clear any deep emotions around unacknowledged anger that you may have been hanging onto since he began this particular retrograde cycle back in late February*.


Mars will be hanging out here until he enters Sagittarius just before this week’s New Moon, which will take place tomorrow morning.

Mars also rules cuts and burns; both of which I have experienced this week so pay attention if you are encountering the same.

Do you need to slow down?

I have also connected with a need to take greater care of myself, which became apparent during a litter pick?** on my walk to the shops where I found myself uttering the sentence “Why should I always have to do this!”.

Remember – we cannot happily pour from an empty cup without seriously depleting ourselves.

So questions like these may be important for you to consider over the next few hours:

  • Are you taking correct care of yourself?
  • Do you need to slow down?
  • Are you doing too much?
  • Are you saying ‘yes’ a little too often?
  • Are you going after what you want in life?
  • Are you expressing your anger effectively?
  • Do you exercise often?
  • Are you asking for support or running on empty?

…and what can you do about it?

Hold It!...


Saturn also reached the next point in his current retrograde cycle today – marked by his trine with The Sun.

This tells us that he has now slowed right down ready to turn direct next week.

Hold that celebrating for now, however, as there is not yet a clear path out of the woods with him set to stay put at the same 9 degrees of Sagittarius until the end of August.

You may feel like you’re walking in slow motion for the remainder of this month and a rise in tension and frustration could result. Especially so for those (like me) with planets at 9 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Impatience can increase the desire to get things done so be wary of a tendency to rush.

Mark November 19th on your calendar, as that is the date when Saturn will reach the point at which he first turned retrograde and, therefore, the date when a conclusion of all your hard work should be forthcoming.


*Although Mars didn’t officially turn retrograde until April 2016, he first triggered 23 degrees of Scorpio during February 2016, which was the point at which he turned retrograde-direct (where his backwards journey finally terminated). This point marks the beginning of this particular Mars retrograde cycle. Such a lead up a planet turning retrograde is important, as the energy can be keenly felt as the planet first triggers the point to which he will later return in his retrograde cycle; a point, which will usually highlight an important theme of the cycle.

**I often collect litter on my way to and from the shops and have taught my children to do the same. I believe that this is all part of taking responsibility for the environment around us; helping to mitigate a build up of rubbish and looking after our animals. Looking back at the cleared street can bring a feeling of connection that we can all play our part.

Uranus Turns Retrograde 2016 – Prepare To Update The Outmoded and Break Free of Restrictions.

Uranus Turns Retrograde 2016 - PAID

Uranus turned retrograde this morning in the sign of Aries triggering a sudden Reawakening and Intensification of the Urge to Break Free of Restrictive or Outmoded Situations.

With the upcoming Leo New Moon on Wednesday you may well be wanting to ‘Release the Chains that Bind’

… and to place more of You into Your Life.

Leo is all about the core self and the Desire to Be Seen

add to that a slow-moving Uranus in Aries and we’re talking the Urgent and Sudden impulse for Change, Rebellion and Break-Throughs.

An uprising from the Inner Being, if you like 😉 to create the Life you desire.

If you have Planets between 20 and 24 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra,Capricorn), you are likely to be strongly affected by this energy.

Perhaps now is the time to release some fear and try something new in relation to what has been erking you since April, but be wary of throwing the baby out with the bath water and of knee jerk reactions.


This Uranus Retrograde cycle will be in play until December 2016 so you have time.

Look after your Nervous System and if you’re prone to stress, you may wish to read here.

Today’s Moon in Gemini (hitting off a Mutable T Square involving Jupiter in Virgo) may well find you feeling a little on edge, intellectually overwhelmed and potentially unfocused.

Perhaps even frustrated and/or anxious.

Go Outdoors, Seek some Peace, Connect with the Breath and Contemplate what is Outworn and Potentially Stifling.

What do you need to Do to bring forth some Needed Change?

Uranus is known as “The Great Awakener”.

What Exciting Potentials is he Awakening within you?


Intense Times, Working Purposefully and a Need to Trust – June’s New Moon

Intensity and Awareness of Patterns

Wow! What a line up for this weekend’s New Moon and what a powerful time we have all been experiencing these past few weeks. Are you feeling it?

Are you becoming more and more aware of patterns that are playing out within your life and of how you may be contributing to the ongoing playing of them?

If so, then our retrograde planets have been doing a great (albeit rather intense!) job.

This week has been particularly pertinent and the New Moon energy that is ushering in June is setting us up for a big Month; highlighting many of the energetic biggies that are occurring for us right now.

This weekend’s New Moon falls on Sunday 5th June at 12:59pm here in Brisbane (AEST). Click here for a time conversion to your area of the World in the sign of communication and duality – Gemini. The New Moon exactly conjunct Venus is forming a Mutable Grand Cross indicating that the theme of balance is important.

A Need for Focus, Presence and Flexibility

Are you feeling pressure from all or from certain areas of your life? A sense of being all over the place, of being pulled from pillar to post? Maybe you are wanting to just wanting to crawl back into bed each day and pull the blankets more tightly over your head and yet, you can’t?

Adaptability, living moment to moment and focus are all key words for June, as we are asked to continue to do the work and to surrender and trust.

Relationships, Communication and Financial Triggers

With Mercury (ruler of this New Moon) situated in Venus-ruled Taurus and opposing Mars (currently retrograde) you may be finding communication in relationships difficult and for some of us, feelings around finances could be highlighted.

Perhaps you or others are quick to anger and with Mars in trine to Chiron these angry outbursts or moments of impatience likely have their roots in some aspect of life that is out of balance and where pain is being felt.

There can be issues around holding onto stubborn view points and a need to be right; even over petty things.

Does ‘being right’ really matter and what is the issue at hand really telling you?

Some may be finding it difficult to be patient due to physical pain where perhaps an illness is making daily life a little harder to bare right now and making them less tolerant.

Others may find that others’ actions or words are moving them to anger; the true reason for this outburst highlighting their greatest pain point(s) right now.

For example: perceived financial burdens, relationship issues, illness, a sense of being overworked and overwhelmed.

Providing for Needs Purposefully

Mercury is also forming an Earth Grand Trine with Jupiter/North Node and Pluto finding us concerned with how we provide for our Earthly needs and what we want to produce within our Worlds.

Are we looking after our health (our physical needs)? Are we financially stable and do we earn our money in a way that is aligned with our purpose?

Manifesting our Dreams – Fear vs. Flow: The Saturn/Neptune Square

With the year’s Saturn square to Neptune forming part of the Grand Cross, we are being asked to look at how we take responsibility for our pain points. Do we own it or do we look to others; perceiving ourselves as victims and going into blame or perhaps expecting someone to rescue us? (Believe me, that would be so nice right now!).

This is not an ‘easy’ energy by any means and it can be difficult not to feel that we are hard done to or even trapped at such times.

Moving beyond what is happening right now appears to be calling for two things

  1. A reality (Saturn) check: Starting with listening to what’s coming up within our lives. What is causing us distress, what isn’t working?
  2. Surrender (Neptune): Do you need to let go of something?  A physical item/person or a habit/way of life? Or is this simply that you are resisting change and not surrendering to the flow?

Resisting tends to lead to blockages and this can prevent the new from coming into your World. When we resist, it tends to be because we have fearful expectations.

Saturn/Neptune has been asking us to bring our vision(s) into form this year. To do the work to manifest our dreams into reality. To let go of those aspects of our lives that are no longer in alignment with our truth.

This process has been far from a bed of roses, however, stirring up all kinds of fears and bringing our insecurities to the fore.

Self-Worth and doubt have abounded and it has been a time when we have been called upon to keep doing the work and to keep trusting – even in times when there has appeared to be lack of tangible results.

Remember that Saturn is still retrograde in all this as well, meaning that the last few weeks have felt far from flowing. More of a ‘trudging’ quality really!

Self Care and Service: Jupiter/North Node Conjunction in Virgo

Also plugging into this Grand Cross is the Jupiter/North Node conjunction in Virgo. This energy has been a huge part of 2016 and it is is pushing us towards growth and calling for us to work on our purpose.

We all have a purpose; a reason for being here on this Earth.

That calling may be something that can be delivered through a day to day job or it may be something more personal or perhaps family oriented.

Virgo is a sign greatly connected with health, ritual, purity and service.

How do you wish to be of service? Are you doing it or making some steps towards doing it?

Do your daily rituals bring you health, a sense of balance and a connectedness with the Earth and World around you?

What rituals could you do in your day to day life to bring you greater balance and healthfulness?

Staying Focused

All of this calls for focus and dedication.

A Mutable Grand Cross can tend to scattered energy and nervous exhaustion so be mindful of your health at this time and be sure to incorporate those healthful and necessary rituals into your life.

Working with the crystals Aragonite, Rhyolite or Carnelian could be helpful during June.

Requiring Further Assistance?:

If you would like to get back to nature and indulge your body with chemical-free and natural self-care products click here.

If you would like confirmation of your purpose or would like assistance in navigating the planetary energy that is currently at work within your life you may wish to book an Astrology consultation. You can find my contact details here if you would like to discuss further details around the type of reading that may be right for you and to schedule an appointment.

If you would like to work with me in exploring the healing power of the Bush Flower Essences you can book a consultation here.



Jupiter now Direct – Yay :)

Did you experience an energetic build up this week? Perhaps things have been a little inflated around you? Maybe there’s even been some chaos playing out?

I know for me, the last week has felt something like the build up to a Full Moon. Did you feel it too?

If so, this could well have been the precipitated Jupiter-station with Jupiter seemingly grinding to a halt. Jupiter’s excessive energy does not do slow comfortably 😉

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief today, because, as of yesterday (trumpet sound now playing) – Jupiter – planet of optimism, benevolence, luck, growth and excess – has now turned direct. Phew!

Jupiter’s direction usually heralds 8 months of purposeful growth, but with Saturn and Mars still retrograde (along with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) I say this sentence gingerly ;).

Nevertheless, direct Jupiter is likely to bring us some forward momentum.

Erin Sullivan tells us in her book ‘Retrograde Planets’ that Jupiter’s retrograde purpose is to connect with:

a more deeper and more personal sense of justice… that which is correct for one’s integral balance and health.

I like to think of it in the sense that our inner Guru has been in a state of contemplation for a few months; re-assessing our personal moral compass.

When Jupiter turns direct we can emerge a little more humble and a little more wise than we were before the retrograde and we can usually begin to move forward from a more solid sense of our own personal truth.

Jupiter’s station-retrograde degree back in early January was: Virgo 24: “Mary And Her White Lamb”, which seems to imply we were probably a little more naive back in January to what we are now.

With Jupiter moving direct on Sabian Symbol: Virgo 14: “Finely Lettered Names And Mysterious Lines Are Seen; It Is A Family Tree”, do you sense that you are now feeling a little more reconnected to your own innate wisdom and to the truth of who you really are?

I certainly do, but that’s hardly surprising, as he has been transiting my Sun during this particular journey.

His direct motion is a welcome sign; especially for those born under the sign of Virgo (the sign through which he is traversing) or with planets between 14 and 24 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

You can look at your personal chart to see where Jupiter has been active for you at this time by looking at the house(s) where 13 degrees and 15 seconds of Virgo to 23 degrees and 14 seconds of Virgo fall(s).

Also check which house(s) are ruled by Sagittarius (glyph) within your chart, as these may also give insight.

If you already have a copy of my free Ebook (Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness), you can look up the theme(s) relevant to that house. If not, you can obtain your copy here.

Perhaps a project or plan that has been stalled since early January is now coming back to life again; possibly in a different way to what was first anticipated?

Whatever is begun now is likely to yield results early August 2016 when Jupiter will once again pass the degree at which he turned retrograde.

So where are you going to put all that new found wisdom to use? You can use these points to help you:

  • Where has Jupiter been traversing your chart during this time? Where is 13 degrees 15 seconds to 23 degrees and 14 seconds of Virgo? What area of life does this/do these house(s) apply to?
  • Has Jupiter been contacting your natal Planets during this time? Look for the same degree range of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).
  • Which houses does Jupiter rule within your natal chart? Look for the houses with Sagittarius and Pisces on the cusp ;).

Toria xo