Heightened Sensitivity, Volatility and Family Love- Full Moon in Cancer January 2017


January’s Full Moon will exact on 12th January at 09:34pm (AEST).

Remember that the week leading up to a Full Moon can illuminate the shadow side and magnify personal and/or relationship issues in need of healing and love.

Increased Sensitivity

With this Full Moon forming a kite with Chiron, Mars and the Black Moon (also in water signs), increased sensitivity and receptivity is likely along with heightened intuition.

Honour your feminine side (males and females), withdraw for a while if needs be and be alert for any triggers related to your emotional depth, sexuality or your vulnerability.

Home and Family

Cancer is the sign connected to home and family (physical or soul family), so this a beautiful Moon to give gratitude to your home for its shelter, warmth and protection and to your family for the love and nurture that you share.

Perhaps by purchasing something beautiful for your abode that enhances its ambiance or elevates its vibration and in turn makes you, and those who share it ,feel nurtured, loved and special.

Having a safe haven to retreat to could be just the ticket right now; especially if you’re feeling quiet or overwhelmed, either by your own intimate World or by your perspective on the wider World.

Remember that inner peace becomes outer peace and try to stay in your heart as much as is possible in the lead up to this Full Moon.

Cancer energy loves to care for others and with all the intuition available to you under this Moon’s energy you may know just what others need.

Be supportive and call upon those who support you, if needed.

Volatile Reactions

Of course, Full Moons can also highlight problems around relating and this one appears to be quite action packed with a T Square between The Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and The Sun/Pluto Conjunction.

That’s power-full energy!!

Drama and Power Struggles could be an issue right now and you may find yourself, events or others around you reactive, volatile or prone to eruptions right now.

Deep feelings could surface and require purging and Mars square to Saturn could bring up some angst around frustration or an inability to act on instinct.

If things have gotten to the point where something has to give, then that may just happen around this Full Moon.

Be aware of a tendency to judge others or yourself now and remember we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve been given.

Be Love, Be Understanding, Be Tolerance as much as is possible and don’t beat yourself up with self-deprecation when you’re not in that place.

Feel, Honour and Release – Step Away From The Sugar

Nurture your body with healthful foods and steer away from a sugar overload, which could be used as a way to placate uncomfortable feelings.

Instead, try feeling into your emotions, go for a walk with them, sit by a waterfall and let them flow over you or write them out and express them.

Feeling is often healing.

Potential for Sudden Change

There could also be surprising opportunities, sudden epiphanies or unexpected changes now that require action.

Use that Saturn/Mars energy to pause, reflect and assert rather than react and with Mercury at the final degree of Sagittarius, let your inner wisdom be your guide.

Powerful change and transformation could certainly be on the cards for some.

What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 22 degrees and 27 seconds of Cancer and 22 degrees and 27 seconds of Capricorn fall.

What houses are these and which area of life do they represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 22 degrees within your chart? What do they represent in your life?

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With Love,

Toria xo


The Need For a Safe Haven, Sensuality and Owning Your Inner Power- November’s Full Moon in Taurus 2016


We are currently building to our Full Moon in Taurus, which will be exact at 11:51pm on November 14th here in Brisbane (AEST).

The Need to Feel Grounded, Safe and Materially Secure

Taurus is a sign associated with sensuality, stability, comfort, security and the Earth (literally the ground beneath our feet).

Often dubbed as “the earthiest of the Earth signs”, Taurus is concerned with putting down roots, material comfort and permanence and those with Taurus strong in their charts often crave a sense of grounding, steadiness and safety.

The Call To Transformation: Do You Need To Let Go Of Self-Destructive Habits?

Taurus is also representative of the physical body and sensual delight.

With the Sun falling in the polar opposite sign of Scorpio you may want to ask yourself if you are looking after your body to your best ability or does your self care warrant a transformation?

The New Moon, which fell in Scorpio on 31st October carried deep and powerful energy that could have been put to good use in making those needed changes.

Have you been called to transform something in your life?

With the Black Moon (currently in Scorpio) conjunct the Sun at this Full Moon some of us may be called to confront some self-destructive habits that keep us locked in a sense of powerlessness.

Remember that the build up to a Full Moon can often bring up energy that is no longer serving us, which is calling to be released.

What do you need to relinquish?

Taurus energy may find us wanting to hold onto bad habits that we are emotionally tied to; especially around food, money and self-indulgence, so be mindful of any prompts or occurrences that bring this to your attention.

Remember also that ignoring the need for change can lead to a feeling of being stuck and victimised.

Is it really worth it?

Transformation and Growth Through Relationships

On a another note,this Full Moon is ruled by Venus and is disposited by Jupiter in Libra, so be open to the higher message if you are going through relationship difficulties.

What is requiring growth and transformation between you?

What are you no longer willing to tolerate and are you both willing to do the work?

Black Moon energy can highlight suppression and her connection with the Sun may find you finally speaking out about the darker side of your relationship; perhaps in relation to power plays, deep psychological issues, shared intimacy/resources or negative behaviours.

Opening To Abundance and Self Worth

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Full Moon (Taurus 23) is: “A Jewellery Shop Filled With The Most Magnificent Jewels” quite apt for the theme of beautifying oneself, one’s surroundings or one’s possessions in some way.

Are you honouring your worth?

Any transformation can take patience, perseverance and stamina (all positive Taurean qualities).

If you’re feeling put off by that, remember that the end result is almost always worth the effort.

Usually others will compliment you on those changes, which can lead to a feeling of well-being and contentment, as all your hard work is reflected back at you.

Are you being the best that you can be?

Have you been beautifying something this month?

Alternatively, you may have been called to make changes that relate to your resources.

Fruition – What Is Coming Into Bloom?

What did you begin around 31st October and how is it now looking?

October’s New Moon held promise for the creatives, musicians and for those adept at tapping into their intuition.

If that related to you, perhaps you have a project that is due for fruition under this Full Moon.

Relating This Full Moon To Your Personal Birth Chart

Remember to look where 22 degrees and 37 seconds of Taurus falls within your natal chart.

Is there a Taurean theme (beauty, physical manifestation, safety, the ability to provide, sensuality, material security) being illuminated for you at this time around that house placement (area of life)?

Has something in that area been requiring change?

If you need some help with this, my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” is available for free when you sign up to my Newsletter.

If you know that something needs to change, but are having difficulty in making it happen, this blog post may help you.

Wishing you Illumination, Joyful Fruition and a Reconnection to your Inner Power.

With Love, Toria xo

Get Ready For Action…The First Quarter Moon Phase


In just under ten hours we will move into the First Quarter Moon Phase in our current Lunar Cycle.

This phase is one of taking action.

If you set an intention at the New Moon; something that you have been gently nurturing, get ready for an increase in motivation and momentum and start pushing forwards towards realising that goal.

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With Love,

Toria xo

September’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Time for Practical Solutions?

As Mercury brings unconscious behaviour_situations to light, what practical solutions will you put in place.png

August’s New Moon (also a Solar Eclipse) falls on September 1st, which is the first day of Spring for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere and of Autumn for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.

A Powerful New Moon and a New Season.


New Moon’s offer us the chance to set intentions for something new within our lives.

Whereas, Solar Eclipses tend to be experienced as external events, which illuminate an area of our life; bringing previously hidden/unacknowledged behaviours or circumstances to light.

For example, through events and/or people.


What will this Eclipse bring forth for you to acknowledge and in which area of your life is it falling?

Look for where 9 degrees and 21 seconds falls within your natal chart and check the house (area of life) in order to ascertain this.

If you need further help with this activity, my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” can help. You can claim your free copy here.


Bernadette Brady in her work on the Saros Cycles tells us that the energy of this particular eclipse is about truth; about getting real and seeing a situation for what it truly is.

If we choose to work with what has been highlighted it can be a productive time.


With all the Virgo energy in play at this New Moon health or healing could well play a part.

Virgo (also being a realistic sign) offers the chance to get practical with problem solving and you may find that others can help with something that may otherwise be a struggle.


The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse/New Moon is: Virgo 10: “Two Heads Looking Out And Beyond The Shadows”

This speaks of ‘Two Heads often being better than One” when it comes to seeking a solution.


The Moon’s T Square with Neptune and the Saturn/Mars conjunction indicates that it may be important to get clear on what it is that you’re trying to achieve; to remain true to your own path. Therefore, avoiding the tendency to be swayed by others, lost in brain fog and getting nowhere.


Strengthening your intuition and connecting to your heart can often increase faith, clarity and ‘an instinctive knowing’ of which path is the right one for you; leading to focus and confidence in moving forwards.

Too much mind energy can cause procrastination and fear, so be mindful of needless worrying.

Mercury (still in his introspective phase of the retrograde) is ruler of this Moon and is currently on Virgo 29: “A Man Is Gaining Secret Knowledge From An Ancient Scroll He Is Reading”.

This symbol intimates that there is no rush.

Take some time out in reflection; to meditate, consult the signs/oracles/experts of choice; to research and perhaps look to the way of the Ancients if this is correct for you.

Is it time to step back and to do some more checking?

Are you gaining insight into previously hidden behaviour/patterns?


This is the point of Mercury Retrograde; not to simply frustrate nor delay us, but to offer us the chance to see what was hereto missed.

To re-visit, re-do and to tie up all loose ends, so that we can continue from a stronger, more informed position.


The opposition to Neptune hints at heightened intuition and this along with the trine to Pluto is a further reminder that it is important to remain in your power at this time, so as not to be swayed by others or to fall prey to confusion, imagined worries and/or doubt.


The Moon’s degree raises a point about tolerance and relinquishing the need to be right (which can be a Virgo tendency). Is it really worth the argument?

If we’ve never walked in someone else’s shoes then we cannot possibly know what is right for them.


Stay true to your own heart, your own path and keep the faith. We cannot know where it will lead, but it’s important to remember that life has our back.

It is the fear that arises from our own minds that can keep us held back or held in chains when we fear ‘the shadows’.


Remember to look for planets in your personal birth chart that fall around 9 degrees; especially of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

If you find any, then this Eclipse may affect you to a stronger degree and the actions that you take now could be life-changing.


It can also be enlightening to check your children’s charts (if you are a parent).


The New Moon/Eclipse will fall on September 1st at 07:03pm here in Brisbane (AEST).


Remember that New Moons are a great time to meditate, set intentions, plant the seeds of new beginnings and to cleanse your crystals.


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Moon in a Water Sign Ritual for Exhaustion and Overwhelming Emotions

Moon in Water Sign Ritual - PAID

This ritual is best done when the Moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), but it can also be effective at other times.

Water is the element associated with the emotions so this is a great thing to do when you’re feeling exhausted, sad or even just out of sorts.

Make sure that the bathroom is warm and that you have a warm, clean towel.

Run a warm, pink salt bath that is deep enough for you to relax fully into. You can add a Bush Flower Essence to the bath, an Essential Oil and some fresh flowers for a special touch and if you want to complete the ambience light some candles.

Because of its association with the heart, a Rose Quartz Crystal is also a nice addition.

Make sure that you are not going to be disturbed for the next 20 minutes.

Step into the bath and relax. Take deep breaths and close your eyes. Tune into how you are feeling.

Don’t worry if you find it difficult to relax at first. Just lay in the bath, even if your mind is racing, and continue to take deep breaths.

If you have a crystal with you, you may wish to hold the crystal whilst you take deep breaths. Direct the breath to your heart.

If you have added an essence to the bath imagine that you are breathing it in as you take each in-breath and imagine the energy of the essence surrounding your body and infusing with your energy; holding and healing you.

Take 3 deep breaths in and out.

Take another deep breath in and on the out-breath say the words “I am at peace”.

Take another deep in-breath and on the out-breath say the words “I am loved”.

Take another deep in-breath and on the out-breath say the words “I am always supported”.

Imagine the overwhelming/sad emotions that you have been feeling going into the water around you as you breath out.

Take another deep In-Breath and as you breathe out say the words “I am surrounded by loving friends and family in my life”.

Continue to do this saying anything that comes to you and that feels appropriate in the moment.

Once you feel that you have completed this remove the plug.

Lie back and feel the water drain away around you. As it does so, feel all of the emotions that you placed into the bath draining away with it; disappearing down the plug hole.

Lay in the bath until it has completely emptied.

You may feel tired afterwards so take your time getting out of the bath and remember to extinguish the candles.

You may want to go for a lie down or a sleep if you are able.