Congest Ease – A Natural Remedy for Colds and Flu

congest-easeAre you or a loved one experiencing cold or flu symptoms and looking for something powerful, nurturing and natural to bring you relief?

Made from a comforting blend of natural butters and oils (Eucalyptus, Menthol, Camphor and Tea Tree), Congest Ease brings relief to coughs and congestion in both adults and children without delivering harmful toxicities to the body.

It also smells beautifully nurturing.

At only $24.00 this soothing remedy will last for ages in your medical cabinet.

Simply rub on the chest, top of the back and the soles of your feet.

You can order yours here.

IMG_0143Congest Ease also comes as a part of the Soothe My Snuffles Nurture Pack ensuring that you are fully equipped to help your body through those snuffles.

The Peppermint Essential Oil included within this pack can be added to a folded handkerchief to bring extra relief to headaches whilst the salt rock will soothe sore throats.

Soothe my Snuffles can be ordered here.

If you want:

  • Products that soothe and bring relief without adding toxicity to the body
  • Natural, chemical-free products that contain only pure Earth-made ingredients
  • A self care range that is powerful, nurturing and effective whilst sustainable and gentle

then take a look at the Mother Earth Astrology and Natural Healing Online Store today.



Introducting my NEW Nurture Packs

When I first started Mother Earth Astrology, I had lots of ideas.

Those ideas are still mostly in my head, but they are slowly being bought to life 🙂

Here are three of them…

Introducing the first 3 of my Nurture Packs:


  1. Smooth as Silk – Goddess Nurture Pack containing
    • ReNew Scrub (Lavender, Lemon or Orange&Mint)
    • Lip Silk Lip Balm
    • Femin Essence Bush Flower Essence (Harmonises any emotional imbalances during menstruation and menopause and allows a woman to discover and feel good about herself, her own body and her beauty. Helps alleviate mood swings, weariness and physical dislike bringing about feminine emotional and life cycle balance)
    • Doreen Virtue Angel Card with a Special Message for the Nurture Pack Recipient
    • Femin Essence Bush Flower Essence


2. Soothe my Snuffles Nurture Pack Feeling stuffy and congestIMG_0143ed?

This soothing pack will help get you and the family through those Winter sniffles, sinus pains and headaches.

Pack contains:

  • 1 Congest Ease,
  • 1 Peppermint Oil,
  • 1 Free Himalayan Salt Rock (to soothe those sore throats – simply suck)
  • Laminated Recipe Card of my Home Made Medicine
  • Doreen Virtue Angel Card with Special Message for Nurture Pack Recipient

To help ease symptoms:

  • Rub Congest Ease on chest, top of back and soles of feet.
  • Place a drop or two of Peppermint Oil onto a cotton handkerchief. Fold handkerchief and sniff throughout the day to ease headaches and sinus congestion
  • Suck Salt Rock to ease Sore Throats
  • Make Home Made Recipe and take 1-2 Tablespoons 3x per Day.


3. Release Thy Inner Calm Nurture Pack

Release Thy Inner Calm Nurture PackAre you feeling stressed, out of sorts or that life is running away from you?

Gift yourself this beautiful pack to release thy inner calm and to get back into the bliss zone of your life.


  • Release Thy Inner Calm Booklet – Lots of handy tips to help you to reconnect with your inner peace
  • Don Tolman Organic and Extra Pure Lavender Essential Oil
  • Calm and Clear Bush Flower Essence
  • Smokey Quartz Crystal
  • Lavender Crystal
  • Crystal Cage
  • Angel Card –  a message picked specifically for the gift pack recipient.


Get yours here.

Every product order placed between now and June 30th comes with a free crystal charged with the June Full Moon, Solstice and Jupiter/North Node energy and gifted to you in celebration of Mother Earth Astrology’s First Birthday.

Information on specific crystal and how to connect with and use your crystal is also included.


Australian Mother’s Day





It’s almost time for Mother’s Day here in Australia.

How would you like to ‘treat’ your Mum?


-> Lemon ReNew is a beautiful exfoliating body and facial scrub infused with the scent of Lemon essential oil.

As well as leaving her skin soft, cleansed and smooth this scrub will give Mum the wake up call she needs each morning; invigorating and empowering her to move through her day.


-> Golden Relief is not only sparkly and golden, it’s a versatile and powerful natural remedy. Made from organic seeds, flowers, oils and essences it can be used:

  • To Relieve Symptoms of: Sinus, Stuffy Nose, Asthma, Insect Bite Relief, Stomach Pain, Motion Sickness
  • As: Insect Repellent
  • To help you to stay alert on long journeys