Are Excuses Stalling Your Life?


You know that thing that you really want to do?

Just do it!!!

No more excuses.

I know you think that there are reasons not to – the kids, the bills, the cat, the time, your ability…

But, what if I told you that none of that was what was actually stopping you?

What if I told you that you are more than capable of doing anything that you want?

That you just have to figure out a way?

It may not be something that you can achieve overnight or even tomorrow, but I assure you that it is do-able.

You just have to start moving towards it…

So, go on – make that start.

Whether that means starting a plan or contacting someone who can help you or just simply getting into it right now.

You got this.

The energy this month is ripe for powering through and shifting all kinds of things and you can find out more about that here in my latest video.

… and just in case you’re still hearing all those excuses, connecting with a sense of frustration over the next step or feeling well and truly stuck!!

… there may just be a Bush Flower Essence to help with that.

Bush Flower Essences work with you at the level you are ready for.

They are self-adjusting; powerful and effective, yet gentle and they often act as catalysts.

If you’d like to book a Bush Flower Essence Consultation with me, you can do so here.

Alternatively, if you feel that you already know what may be holding you back, you can order an individual remedy.

Simply search for the related emotion or look through the essences available on my site.

If you can’t find the keywords that you’re looking for you can contact me via email and I’ll send you my suggestion(s), as I am yet to upload the full range of essences 🙂

Much Love, Toria xo




The Healing Power of Nature’s Remedies

mulla-mullaIn the early hours of yesterday morning my youngest boy awoke me.

He was burning up with a fever and sounded a little congested.

I did what I always do in these situations and by 2pm the same day he was bouncing on the trampoline and laughing, having burned off whatever was afflicting him.

My choice of remedies for this situation are the amazing Mulla Mulla Bush Flower Essence (applied regularly (7 drops to the mouth directly or in some water)), a cool face cloth (that’s a flannel for the English folk) placed onto the patient’s forehead and regularly re-wet/re-cooled to bring relief, plenty of water to drink for hydration and some Congest Ease to (well it’s in the name really!) ease the congestion 😉

I also regularly sponge down a fever with a cool (not freezing cold) facecloth, encourage lots of sleep and I also gave him 3 doses of Colloidal Silver throughout the day.

I love the gentle yet effective healing power of nature’s remedies and their ability to work with the body and not against it under such conditions.

I also thank my lucky stars that my youngest loves his sauerkraut, enjoys a diet high in fruits and vegetables and eats his honey and garlic making for a robust immune system that is able to quickly fight off disease and get him smiling again 🙂

A mother’s intuition is also one of the strongest allies you could possibly have when your little ones are ill, so always listen to your instincts, do what is right for you in the situation you find yourself and, if anything feels off or is troubling you, seek further guidance.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

Toria xo