What Gifts do you bring? – The Sun Moves into Aquarius


Tomorrow morning (20th January 2017) at 07:24am (AEST) the Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius signalling a month to honour  innovation, individuality and your unique self.

What gifts do you bring to humanity when you stand in the light of your own truth?

What are you here to do/to be/to offer?

Aquarius ushers forth the humanitarians, the renegades and the misfits of society; those with a message that is often far too futuristic for some to grasp and yet this energy is needed if the World is to continue to evolve to a higher frequency.

How do you share your heart and your love with the collective?

What is your individual contribution to the group?

Aquarius can also be associated with the inner rebel and the eccentrics of this Earth.

When we feel different we can feel excluded from the World around us, rejected and alone.

Find your tribe – the ones that make you feel that you are home and love them with all your heart for they are your soul family, your supporters and the ones that will help you to shine.

Be wary of a tendency for overt rebellion and dogmatism.

Much Love, Toria xo


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Here’s my latest video in The Sun Sign Self Awareness Series, which I created this morning.

Today, I discuss the energy of Scorpio and what to expect over the next month in relation to the Sun’s transit through this sign.

Wishing you a powerful and transformational month.

Much Love,

Toria xo

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