Embrace the Changes and Get Excited!! – Re-Thinking Rituals, Re-Hashing Health-Full Habits & Re-Doing the Day to Day – New Moon in Virgo Sept 2017

New Moon in Virgo Sept 20th 2017

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Are you feeling busy?

The Virgo month (when the Sun is moving through the sign of Virgo) can certainly have us all feeling on task and potentially overwhelmed with a never ending To Do list.

Time to Hone Skills and Make Ideas Happen

September’s New Moon falls on 20th September at 03:30:34pm (AEST) in the sign of Virgo.

Virgo is the sign of ritual and service; of honing your talents and your skills, so that you can offer them in service to humanity.

If the Leo energy of last month and August’s New Moon Leo Eclipse energy) has you brimming with creativity then this month will be a time of refinement and of nutting out the details for those inspired ideas.

There’s also an air of excitement around with so much Uranus playing into the picture (more on this below).

It’s time to make those changes!!


Time to Refine, Learning the Lessons and Paying Attention to Detail

Mercury rules this Moon and is travelling direct once more at the time of the New Moon.

What lessons did Mercury Retrograde bring to you and what can you now set in motion to ensure that you heed those lessons?

Did the run up to the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th bring confusion your way or perhaps a sense of letting go and releasing?

When Mercury backtracks through his own sign of Virgo there can be lessons around precision, taking care and paying attention to the details – floor wiped (in my case)!!

This is potent energy for getting down to the nitty-gritty details and for discerning what will and what won’t work.

Instilling the practical, diligent and orderly, you may find that this Virgo New Moon is just what you need to instigate the actions needed to manifest your inspirations into something tangible and Virgo energy can certainly imbue you with the work ethic to get the job done.

How can you work with greater efficiency?

We’re now in the ‘Action Phase’ of this particular Mercury cycle, so go all out and implement those changes that you’ve been considering.


Moving Forward, Accepting Mistakes as Lessons and Kindness to Self and Others

Mistakes offer us the ability to make needed change within our lives and without them we might never review nor improve anything, so it’s important to be grateful for them.

Yes, I know that they can seem like an inconvenience at the time and it can be difficult to actually be thankful that you or something or someone else messed up, but you now have the potential to make something amazing even better – be it a habit, your health, a dearly loved relationship or a fulfilling job.

Therefore, be gentle with yourself and others, as Virgo energy can be critical and, at times, sharp.

With the Moon in tight opposition to Chiron and squaring Saturn at this New Moon it’s important to take responsibility, to act on any lessons and to not spend your energy needlessly berating yourself or others over it.

This type of energy can bring up old wounds and pain points – what is needing to heal and to be acknowledged?

No one is perfect and one mess up does not mean that you’re not cut out for whatever it is that you want to achieve in life.

The best movies always have a low point, where we wonder if that’s it. Is it all over? Will the hero give in, throw in the towel and walk away?


… will that hero dig deep and look at their experience in another light?

Will the set back prompt a re-ignition of their desire(s)? Usually, yes!!

Are you going to be the hero of your own story?

And remember humour!!

Virgos usually have a certain amount of wit up their sleeves to get them through any perceived disasters.

Learning to laugh at yourself can sometimes be the BEST medicine!!

As a friend’s Mum always used to say to her “Pick Yourself Up and Brush Yourself Down”.

You may have also connected with past emotions, patterns or a strong sense of grief as we neared the exact alignment of the previous Full Moon (September 6th).

Did you acknowledge those feelings and allow yourself time to process them?

With regards to the patterns/past emotions, have you now started to implement some strategies to help you to release and move through them?

Often we can connect with old stuff that we thought we’d already healed when planets travel retrograde.

If this happened to you, then it’s likely just another layer of the onion wanting to be peeled off or a reminder of the need to reset some things in life – maybe the need for stronger boundaries or the re-implementation of mindful rituals.



If the recent Eclipse portal and Mercury Retrograde bought ill health your way, this New Moon is a great one for setting intentions to refine and retune your diet and daily routines.

That’s because, we have all 5 of the Astrological personal planets falling in Virgo under this New Moon.

The Personal Planets are the ones closest to the Earth, which affect us on a personal energetic level. They are:

  • The Moon (our emotions/needs),
  • The Sun (our essence, illumination, fulfilment),
  • Mars (how we act),
  • Venus (what we love, desires, relationships, finances)
  • and Mercury (how we think, what we say and how we say it, interests).

Virgo is the sign associated with self-development, sickness, daily routines, work, service, habits, purification and rituals.

This is strong energy for setting those well-being intentions as well as intentions for improving the day to day functioning of your life.

How can you make improvements in these areas?

What can you bring in now and commit to within your daily life that will help action this?

Do you:

  • Regularly Exercise, Eat Whole Foods (from nature) and Nourish your body with goodness


  • Are you Loading on the Doughnuts, Takeaways and Packaged Food far too habitually?


Remember small steps👣 are the way forward.


Are You Listening to What Your Body Needs?

Mercury is the planet of communication and his rulership over Virgo reminds us that our bodies are constantly sending us signals as to how it’s tracking.

Your body gets sick for a reason and it’s simply trying to get you to listen to what it really needs (and no, that probably isn’t a flu jab – well, unless you want to pump yourself full of bio-hazards and neuro-toxicity).

Over here in Australia there has been an ‘epidemic’ of the flu and yet the flu jab is pushed more than ever nowadays.

Interestingly, if you watch The Truth about Vaccines documentary it points out that those who take up the flu vaccine are more likely to fall victims to the flu virus during pandemics and epidemics and it explains the reasons why.


Illness as a Journey

Personally, I believe that illness is part of our human journey.

Being ill tells us when our bodies need rest, need to release toxicity and need to recover (note the use of ‘re’ words here – very apt for Mercury Retrograde and yes, this last Eclipse portal   was highlighted as a big potential for illness (by Bernadette Brady), so it’s not really surprising that this has happened.

Listen to your body and work with what it’s telling you.

Suppression is not healing and we can only ever truly heal when we own 100% what is happening right now with our own health.

Where’s yours at?…

Do you need:

  • To introduce more healthful food into your day
  • A morning, lunch time or evening walk
  • Drink adequate water (1 litre per 22kgs of body weight)
  • Ensure adequate rest (aim for 8 hours sleep a night).

Would improvements help alleviate any current pain that you’re experiencing or mitigate the severity of future illness symptoms?

There really is so much emphasis these days on ‘doing, doing, doing’ nowadays and with some that’s led to lots of suppression in the form of taking pharmaceuticals to ‘hurry back to work’.

This is not tuning in to what the true self really needs (emotionally) and what the body really needs (rest, recovery, nutritional balance and harmony)


Intuitive Hunches/The Importance of Remaining Grounded

With Mercury and Mars aspecting Neptune at this New Moon your intuition and sensitivity could be ramped up a notch.

But then so could the potential for confusion and for feeling foggy.

If you’re relating to the fogginess or you’re connecting with anxious feelings then beginning a daily meditation ritual could work wonders ✨🙏🏻🙇🏽

Combining the Neptune love of the mystical and the Virgo love of rituals is likely to help.

You may also wish to consider how your current daily rituals are serving you.


Making a Song and Dance of your Creativity

If you’re already meditating regularly or are an Arty type then the chances are that you already know what you want to bring through to your life.

How can you include more of your artistic passions and soulful creativity into your everyday life?

Neptune reminds us to BE and to go with the flow, so remember to tune into your heart and what is happening around you whilst you’re chasing after those goals.

Things tend of go much more smoothly when we’re truly in tune with what is arising around us.


Focused Action can Bring Transformation and Results

With Pluto in Trine aspect to Mercury and Mars, focused action (including some of that intuitive tuning-in bought about by Neptune) should help you to achieve your results this month and if transformation is part of your goal then this is great energy for ushering that in.

Pluto adds emotional strength and tenacity.


Magic is in the Air!! It’s all Very Exciting!!

Neptune also presides over music and movies; anything that opens you up to the possibility of being part of something greater than yourself and with Uranus and Neptune also connecting at this New Moon you may find yourself drawn to an ideal or getting lost in a fantasy.

An outing to the cinema or a concert could prove magical right now; as could every day life if you allow yourself to see the synchronicities and the every day miracles that occur.

With the Jupiter/Uranus opposition closing in for it’s final hit and with Uranus aspecting the Moon, there is so much excitement and possibility in the air!!


The Importance of Being Grounded and the Need for Change and Adventure

Be wary of ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ in your desire to be free of what you see as limiting or restrictive within your life, however.

With Jupiter travelling through Libra, this may well apply to your partnership or another significant relationship.

What is in need of a change, more balance, a shake up or a breath of fresh air?

This is great energy for instigating changes and for imbuing you with the confidence and push to make them happen.

Just ensure that you’re clear on what it is that you really want…

… and then get really excited!!!

If you feel that you’re looking at things realistically and your heart is crying out for you to make the leap, then this could just be the time to finally do it.

Just be warned that Virgo energy usually requires that you to work for those changes and that you practice true diligence along the way.

Life is a balancing act and, although we don’t want to walk away from situations that can be worked on and improved upon, we don’t want to remain in unfulfilling jobs, relationships or positions that are going nowhere either.

That just leads to suppression and stagnant energy.

So, what is it that you want and what is it that you don’t want?

Are you going to heed that call to adventure?


The Need for a Purpose and to be of Service vs. Workaholic Tendencies

Virgo energy loves to serve.

Do you feel that your day to day work is serving an important role that not only helps others, but brings you a great deal of fulfilment as you do so?

It can be important to also be mindful of serving yourself as you move through your day, as Virgos can become so intent on helping others that they can let their own needs fall to one side.

Looking after your own care, setting appropriate boundaries and taking rest when it is needed will lessen the potential for future illness, nervous disorders, anxiety and restless nights.

Honouring yourself and your needs can also lead to you finding greater enjoyment in your job and looking for what you enjoy about your work and finding ways to make it even more enjoyable can mitigate work-blues.

What about your work brings you a sense of purpose?

What personal lessons are you currently learning as you carry out your work?

Do you enjoy the people that you work with, the environment, the work itself?


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 27 degrees and 27 seconds of Virgo. which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 27 degrees within your natal chart?

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Tracking the Lunar Cycle each Month

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The New Moon will exact on 20th September at 03:30:34pm (AEST) – Click this link for a conversion to your part of the World


Now, go refine and perfect your rituals, skills and talents.

The World is waiting for you to share them!!

Much Love for a fabulous month ahead,

Toria xo




Express Yourself and Confidently Follow Your Heart – New Moon in Leo – August 2017

New Moon in Leo - August 2017

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A Second New Moon in Leo – Are you Listening to your Heart?

Yes, you read the title right –

We have yet another Leo New Moon falling this month.

If you’re not feeling the Leo-vibe yet then that would be surprising!!

Leo is all about shining as the person you are and radiating your pure, true essence out to the World.

Leos love to be seen and admired and they have HUGE heart energy, so I hope you’re connecting with your own heart and following it to where it’s guiding you.

That path leads to some serious fulfilment, so what are you waiting for?


Solar Eclipse and the Potential for Change

This New Moon is the second eclipse of this particular eclipse season and also our final eclipse of the year.

The last Full Moon (in Aquarius) was a Lunar Eclipse, which usually tends to bring changes from within (instigated by our own inner promptings) whereas this one is a Total Solar Eclipse, which tends to bring external events to us; such as people, opportunities or events, so watch for what is happening in your life between now and the next 6 months.

Perhaps there’ll be an opportunity that arises that helps to push you more into who you really want to be…


Potential Mix Ups and Fix Ups, Refinement and Repair

Watch for miscommunication and confusion arising now, as Mercury (currently retrograde) is conjunct this New Moon.

What are these teaching you? There’s always a lesson, so release blame and take responsibility for what’s going on around you right now.

What do you need to change?

Mercury Retrograde can also signify review, a re-going over, a refinement… Just think ‘re’ words!!

So, with that in mind, do you need to refine some skills to get to where you want to be?

Do you need to check out some venues, retreats or perhaps a course that will take you in the right direction?

Practical matters may also be calling for your attention now, so take time to sort out any paperwork, D.I.Y or financial matters.

Mercury Retrograde can also go hand in hand with faults appearing around the home and car, so calling in a skilled tradesman may also apply.

Remember that your home carries energy too and attending to those issues can really improve the flow in the particular area of life that the appliance applies to.

For example, the connection of dripping taps with leaky finances in Feng Shui.

With the Jupiter/Pluto square now starting to wane, you may find that you have a little more free time to go back over anything that you feel was rushed since 2017 began.

Maybe a tight project deadline required a quick fix that can now be re-visited…


Health Matters – Time for a Rethink or Retune?

Your health may also be in the limelight this month.

What could do with a tune up there?

What needs to happen so that you can rejuvenate and re-energise yourself?

Remember – Leo energy is about impressing!!

Is it time to regain your sparkle?

You really can heal yourself from almost anything and plenty of people are doing it, so please don’t feel overwhelmed or in despair if you’re health isn’t where you need it to be.

Look for the right people and trust the path.

As a wonderful Astrology teacher of mine once said:

“Illness is a journey”… “Your body knows what to do”

Babula Clement

Just make sure you’re heading in the direction of wellness and let your body’s prompts take you there.

It knows what it can and can’t tolerate and it knows how to repair itself.

It just needs you to help it and yes, you may need to find the right people to help you with the wisdom of that.

You grew in your mother’s womb. Your body knew where to place your organs and your head and your limbs.

Your body is amazing and you can help it to be its best and support it to support you.


Confidently Shine Your Light. It’s time to Radiate!!

This eclipse also occurs on the North Node indicating that there’s going to be a strong push towards shining your light.

What needs to be incorporated to help you to do that?

With Mars (also in Leo) up-close and personal with the New Moon/Eclipse energy it’s time to take action of those plans.

What actions will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment?

Mars will also be boosting your sense of confidence, so have courage and express yourself and your creativity with flair.

With a Grand Fire Trine between the New Moon, Saturn/The Black Moon and Uranus it’s time to face your fears and go all out.

You never know, hard work now might just bring through some surprising changes later on!!

Act on inspiration and Seize the day!!

Actions will always speak louder than words.

Yes, in the short term, that may mean working two jobs whilst you find your feet or putting yourself in a position that gives you some initial discomfort, but is holding yourself back with a barrage of excuses really going to make you feel any better?


Healing Emotional Blocks

If you’re feeling any emotional blocks; such as lack of confidence, debilitating fear, a lack of worth then you may wish to consider seeking out a healer to help you  to move forward.

Think modalities such as: Homoeopathy, Kinesiology, Counselling…

You may also like to book a Bush Flower Essence consultation with me.


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 28 degrees and 52 seconds of Leo. which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 28 degrees within your natal chart?

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Tracking the Lunar Cycle each Month

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The New Moon will exact at 04:30:06am on 22nd August here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10 – Click this link for a Time Conversion to your part of the World).

Now, go find your roar!!

Much Love for a fabulous month ahead,

Toria xo


Taking Care of your Earthly Body – New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

Want to know more about what’s happening Astrologically?

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Sensuality, Security and The Body

In the fast-paced society that we live in today it can be hard to make time for breathing, let alone sensuality, but human touch is a strong need for overall well-being.

This month sees the Taurus/Scorpio axis highlighted, so you may well find yourself craving more connection, affection and intimacy.

April’s New Moon will fall in the sign of Taurus on April 26th 2017 at 10:16:03PM (AEST); a sign greatly associated with the need for physical affection and security.

Anyone with a child with Taurus prominent in their natal chart is likely to confirm their innate need for this and you may well find that this is coming up strongly for the children in your life right now.

Taurus is also the sign that is most often associated with Mother Earth, so making time for nature, fruits and veggies is a wonderful way to honour her and your body.

Revolution in the Air

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries in the New Moon chart and both are connecting with Pluto via a square (aspect of tension).

The transit of Pluto through Capricorn, which began back in 2008 is synonymous with the uprooting of corruption within our power systems here on Earth and when Mercury and Uranus get together in this powerful configuration, people are unlikely to remain quiet to what they are seeing.

Revolution is in the Air.

Mercury/Uranus can also cause a wired feeling to the mind, so if yours is ticking over and preventing you from sleeping it may be worth listening to what it’s trying to tell you; especially if you’re feeling fired up about something.

There can be sudden insights and awakenings now and with Mercury in Retrograde motion a re-think, re-view and re-structure of belief systems is likely; especially when those belief systems are based on false information.

The Quest for Freedom and Truth and our Responsibility to Mother Earth

The Black Moon (representative of The Divine Feminine and what has been suppressed) is pushing for greater truth and freedom of expression, which may not always feel comfortable.

The New Moon’s Grand Cross with Mars in Gemini and the Virgo/Pisces Nodal Axis, as well as the Black Moon’s square to Neptune, appears to be pushing for the outing of information related to deception and to the health of our planet.

Of course, Taurus also governs the body and now more than ever we need to ensure that we know what is going into and onto our bodies if we are to ensure our future health; including ingredients, what those ingredients are (and their possible effects upon the body) and the source of those ingredients.

It’s no coincidence that the documentary series “The Truth About Vaccines” came out last week and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants more information around vaccines.

It covers a lot.

Globally, more and more people are waking up to the corruption of those in  positions of power; such as Governments, The Pharmaceutical Industry, the FDA (The Governors of our food and drug safety) and issues with the Environment and our Animals.

Such abuse of power cannot be allowed to continue. This may involve the ruffling of feathers, but discomfort is necessary if we are to progress.

Taurus likes stability, safety and security. The Black Moon in Sagittarius wants truth and freedom.

Both are necessary if we are to live as free people upon the Earth.

Integration and Working diligently towards Change

Thankfully, with the Saturn/Uranus Trine highlighted in this New Moon chart, it’s probable that the changes you’ve been going through during the last 7+ years (since late 2009) are now becoming more integrated into your life, making them less of a challenge.

What are you now embodying and what needs a little more integration?

What intentions could you set under this New Moon that will either help you to assimilate those changes further or enable you to move forward in a way that honours them?

This aspect gives patience and discipline when breathing new life into areas of your life that have become stagnant or in need of change.

With a Grand Trine between the New Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and The North Node in Virgo, you may also be considering how you can bring changes related to health and/or work improvements through into the way that you serve others.

If things are to change, then we all need to take responsibility for the health of our own bodies and to minimise the impact that we have upon the Earth.

We are her caretakers, after all.

 Compassion and Oneness

With the Moon’s ruler Venus at the anuretic (final) degree of Pisces in the chart and conjunct Chiron, compassion, oneness and the capacity for deep and unconditional love that encompasses all could be strong.

This contact can have you feeling deep empathy in relation to the pain and suffering that is occurring in the World.

How can you ground this compassion into Mother Earth and help to convert the ‘Love of Power’ (that we often see playing out in the wider World) to the ‘Power of Love’ in your own life?

With Venus yet to completely clear her retrograde path you may be privy to insights around wounded parts of yourself that affect your capacity for self love.

What needs to be addressed and healed that is likely connected to a present relationship or maybe an old wound related to your experience of your parents?

Keep opening. Keep forgiving. Keep moving forwards.

And remember, you are as much a part of this Earth as everyone else. You belong and your input is very much needed.

Body Wisdom

If you’re being visited by the Black Moon in Sagittarius, chances are you’re be finding it difficult to quiet your true self.

Is it time for some emotional honesty and to tune into and trust the wisdom of your body?

We know truth when it is spoken and we innately know what is good and what is not good for our bodies.

What changes can you bring through under this New Moon to nurture your body in more healthful ways?

If you are a parent, what changes can you implement that will help your children to learn to love and nurture of their own bodies?

Remember that children learn from our actions, so anything that you do for you, you do for them.

Awakening and the Need for Patience

If you are someone who is going through an awakening process at this minute and you’re feeling a little lost in the fog, be patient with yourself, give yourself time to adjust and remember that you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

A Need for Earthing/Grounding

If you’re finding that your nervous system is in overdrive at the minute or if you’re noticing that your children tend to be more hyper than usual, you may need to implement a grounding routine to keep everyone centred.

Spending time in nature, walking barefoot on the Earth, burning Essential Oils such as Cedarwood, Vetiver and Sandalwood or pursuits such as gardening, mediation and yoga can help, as can upping the exercise.

Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

If you’re unsure of how to find this and would like help with understanding your natal chart, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” for free.

Look for 6 degrees and 27 seconds of Taurus, which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 6degrees within your natal chart?

Those situated between 4 and 8 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and also Libra or Sagittarius are likely to add more to the picture.

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Much Love, Toria xo

Considered Action, Vision and Softening – New Moon in Aries 2017

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Venus Underground – The Need to Soften

Venus (currently in her retrograde motion) is shining strongly up there with the Sun and Moon, as this month’s Aries New Moon exacts (on March 28th at 12:57:08pm (AEST)).

By this time, you will have been gifted 10 days of Venus’ journey through the Underworld, which begins (now) – when Venus is no longer visible in the night sky  – and ends when she rises as the morning star (early April).

I’ve posted this New Moon report earlier than usual to bring this to your awareness.

This stage of her retrograde journey is when we can come face to face with our own shadows, so be aware of what is happening around you at this time.

Remain open and aware as we now journey with Venus through our own underworld (subconscious) 

For the next 2 weeks (18th March until early April (AEST)), events may be conspiring to show you where a lack of self love may be being carried into relationships and how this may be a fundamental basis for any negative patterns that are playing out.

With Venus in Aries we may suddenly see where we need to soften; where we need to be more loving, patient and gentle with ourselves and those we value

We may see a side of ourselves that is operating at a level of impatience, arrogance, brusqueness, competitiveness or selfishness …

… or perhaps we will see how we are being too compliant and not pushy enough when it comes to our desires.

Aries is warrior, masculine energy and it can be easy to fall into these behaviours with the busyness of life as we now experience it.

Time can be a big trigger – I.e. Worrying about being late.

What triggers you?

This is a potent New Moon for setting intentions that will bring greater balance to relationships, for healing relationship issues and for taking actions that lead to increased self-love.

Where do you need to connect more with your feminine side (men and women have a feminine side) – think intuitive, receptive, motherly, nurturing (of self and others) and/or where are you being too much of this and not asserting for your desires?

Early April, Venus will rise with the morning sky once again -transformed.

What would you like to rebirth during this Lunar Cycle? 

What intentions will you set on March 28th?

Here’s the rest of the energetic low-down on our next New Moon 🙂

The Quest for Freedom and Opening to Trust

The Black Moon (representative of The Goddess) is in trine aspect with Venus at this New Moon.

In Sagittarius, she is pushing you towards greater freedom, to be true to yourself, to embrace your adventurous side, to listen to your own inner wisdom and to cultivate trust.

What fears arise in you as you contemplate those words?

Are you open to these energies and to pursuing them within your own life?

Is there a need for healing?

New Moon – New Beginnings

Aries is dynamic, motivational energy and with 5 points falling in Aries at this New Moon, you may be feeling the impetus to begin something new or to push something forwards in your life.

Ambition, Ideas and Vision

Powerful ambitions could be stirred as we experience the second hit of the Jupiter/Pluto square (31st March (AEST)) and you may be full of ideas that you’d like to get working on; perhaps, which add to your vision of how you’d like to be of service in the World (Grand Trine – Saturn in Sagittarius, Mercury in Aries, North Node in Virgo).

The Uranus conjunction with Mercury can also bring insight and inventive solutions and with Saturn and Mercury set to turn retrograde early April, you may find yourself called to slow down and to make improvements in one or several areas of your life.

Potential Challenges and Impatience

Aries energy likes a challenge, but it doesn’t do particularly well with delays and miscommunication; both of which can occur when Saturn and Mercury turn retrograde.

This month, you’d be wise to ensure that you check and double-check before rushing into anything.

Jupiter is acting as the lead planet in the New Moon chart (locomotive) and with Jupiter also currently in retrograde motion, you may feel like growth isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like.

Frustration and impatience can arise now and with Saturn travelling through Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius), you may have a tendency to pessimism, so watch for negative thinking.

These retrogrades don’t occur to annoy us (although, yes – it can seem that way!!  😉 ).

They occur so that we can ensure that we lay the right foundation(s) and that we’re travelling in the right direction.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, under the pump and frustrated it may help to place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply for a minute or ten (yes, you have time) and once you feel calmer, say the words ‘I have all the time in the World’ as you breathe out.

Do this as many times as feels right for you and hopefully it will help to centre you.

Persistence and Stamina

Mars in Taurus (although classed as in detriment) is thankfully well placed this month for  bringing persistence, patience, stamina and consideration into actions.

Mars does not always like the slow and steady pace of Taurus, but there does seem to be a need for fore-thought and consideration before rushing in and Mars in Taurus can bring tenacity.

Think ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

The Need for Balance and Self Care

It will be important to keep everything in balance as we enter into this new lunar cycle, so ensure that self care remains important; especially as there is plenty of masculine (go-getter) energy around at this New Moon.

Jupiter/Pluto hits tend to bring a stretched to the limit feel. This is powerful, ambitious energy.

This is a great month to up the exercise.

Using the extra energy to your advantage and helping to lessen feelings; such as anger, impatience, resentment and frustration.

Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart? Look for 7degrees and 37seconds of Aries.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 7degrees within your natal chart?

Those situated between 5 and 9 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and also Virgo or Scorpio are likely to add more to the picture.

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Are you Ready to Set Your Intentions? – The First New Moon of 2017 is almost here…


Our first New Moon of 2017 is on her way.


… if you didn’t yet set your intentions for this year,

… if you’re already under way with reaching those goals and would like to take your plan to the next level,

… or if you’ve got something that you’d really like to achieve in the next four weeks …

then you may want to get yourself prepared for when she exacts at 10:06:57am on 28th January (here in Brisbane (AEST)).

You can read all about the energy of this particular New Moon here.

We’re talking Aquarian energy, so get set to embrace your individuality and honour your independent and one-off fabulous, unique self.

I’ll be sending out my first Newsletter of the year this week, so if you’d like further help with setting those intentions, you can sign up here.

And, remember – 2017 is the start of a whole new 9 year cycle numerologically-speaking, so this is a great time to really set some strong foundations in place.

Now, Go be Fabulous 🙂

Toria xo


Surrender to Separation and Shine – New Moon in Aquarius


If a man bestowed with a fart synonym for a surname can become president of the United States – what’s holding you back?

Could Donald have done us all a favour?

The New Moon will exact on 28th January at 10:06:57am here in Brisbane (AEST); bringing forth a potential new beginning in the area of your chart where 8degrees and 15seconds of Aquarius resides.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “A Flag Is Seen Turning Into An Eagle” and it’s very in-keeping with the energy of Aquarius.

What flag are you waving and is it time to embody all the ideals and beliefs that you keep talking about?

We tap into a huge amount of personal power when we choose to be that which we aspire to.

Instead of just talking about it, which can lead to stagnant and frustrated energy and can bring on a sense of being the victim (disempowerment) and the feeling that we are being thwarted by life.

So,  what is it that’s holding you back?

Fear of being different?…

… that you’ll suddenly be seen as a sponge cake short of a trifle?

Possible rejection?

Worry of others’ judgement, ridicule or jealousy?

Or maybe you’re keeping your inner innovator on lock down, because you fear the isolation that going it alone may mean when you literally have to stick your neck out above the crowd.

Perhaps you stifle your spontaneous quirkiness through shyness or a feeling of inadequacy …

… or perhaps you’re still living with a belief system that you inherited in childhood that being different is somehow wrong?

We all have Aquarius energy somewhere within our psyche and we all need to embrace our individuality if we are to truly feel whole …

… so go on!!, let your strange shine out and embrace your eccentric side 🙂


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon seem very in-keeping with the political climate in America at the minute; especially with the quest degree of this symbol being :”A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of An Ideal Is Made To Realise That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal”.

Seriously, let that sentence sit for a while.

Read it again and think about it…

None of us are perfect and yes, we can be very quick to judge others for their foibles; especially those in the lime light.

But consider this for a minute – how much energy are you expending on the drama that is being emitted from the NEWS right now?

And… if you look at your own life – are you really the true embodiment of what you know you could be?

How about you turn off the TV, put down the Newspaper and stop letting yourself be distracted?

What are you not doing to honour your unique and separate self?

Where do you need to do more walking and less talking?

and where do you feel the need to break out right now and shake things up a little?


Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, the rebel and the progressive game changer, but as a fixed sign, it can also lend itself to rigidity.

We can get so caught up in our own ideas of what should be that we forget that not everyone is on the same page.

Astrology (also ruled by Aquarius) reminds us of that.

When we look at the variances in people’s energy fields (as indicated by their individual birth chart) it can really help with understanding the different journeys that we all walk.

I’m not one to watch the NEWS often, so I’m really no expert on politicians, but if history has taught us anything it’s that propaganda can be very real.

Therefore, I err on the side of caution and choose not to be overly judgemental about anyone whom I’ve not personally sat down with for ten minutes.

However, if a man bestowed with a fart synonym for a surname can become president of the United States, I say he’s done us all a favour

Seriously – the World is made up of many people and there will never be a one size fits all – because we are all so different!!

So, stop trying to be like everyone else and let yourself stand out from the crowd for once.

Strong Aquarian energy in a person can make that person appear aloof and emotionally-distant and with a Venus/Saturn Square in operation under this New Moon, you may feel like you need some space or, alternatively, that you’re being pushed out or excluded in some way.

Is it time for greater independence?

Saturn teaches us lessons and when he squares up to Venus we’re talking relationship lessons or perhaps financial ones.

Venus in Pisces wants romance, rose-tinted glasses and to merge with another – to literally dissolve into their essence.

It wants to lose all boundaries, to escape into a fantasy World, to be rescued and to avoid that dreaded ‘R’ word that Saturn does so well – ‘responsibility’.

Saturn teaches us limitation and reminds us that we exist in a material World.

In Sagittarius, he’s asking us to take responsibility for our own freedom, our personal beliefs and our individual growth; to not wait for some projection of an idealised politician to come and save us.

Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to work on bringing our own, personal vision to life so that we can live as an inspiration to others.

So that we can become the embodiment of the dream that Venus in Pisces has placed up on the pedestal.

Note that Aquarius is idealistic and individual, innovative and independent…

… All words that begin with ‘I’.

What can you bring to the group (to the society that you live in) as an Individual?

What does your unique imprint offer to the World and where can it Improve it?

The negative side of Saturn in Sagittarius can present as harshly judgemental and moralistic whereas Venus in Pisces is gentle, forgiving and compassionate.

Venus in Pisces can have a tendency to disappointment when disillusionment strikes and the beloved falls from the pedestal, but Saturn teaches that through commitment things can be worked through and evolved.

When these two energies form a difficult aspect it can be difficult to marry them, so be aware of where this dichotomy may be sitting with you and in your life right now.


Which house holds this New Moon degree in your personal chart and what are the themes associated with that house?

Where does your unique and individual expression want out?

At work, at home, on the bus, in the bedroom? …

You’ll find the house themes in my free E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”, which you can obtain by signing up for my Newsletter.

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Now go, Surrender to Being Separate, Be Uniquely You and Shine your Special Light; the one that only you can turn on.

With Love,

Toria xo