Full Moon in Sagittarius 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2017

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The Freedom to Stand in your Truth

So how’s your truth barometer going out there, blossom?

Sagittarius is a sign greatly aligned with truth and with the Black Moon (also in Sagittarius) sitting conjunct this particular Full Moon be prepared to want to honour yours.

You may find (especially if you’re particularly sensitive to energy) that your BS radar is particularly fine tuned this month as well.

If you’ve been feeling suppressed or held back, the build up to this full Moon could find you struggling with that and wanting to let it all out.

Inspiration and Motivation

The warm and radiant Fire Grand Trine (Moon, Saturn, Leo North Node and Uranus) is helpful in that it is infusing a dose of courage, faith and motivation into making changes at this Full Moon.

What makes you feel vital and alive?

Do more of that.

Honour Spontaneity, Adventure and Your Vision.

Be Truth, Be Open.

Pursue Growth and Expansion.

The T square involving the Full Moon, Saturn and Chiron may indicate that painful experiences, illness or pain are the driving force behind or maybe this pain is coming up for you as you move towards being all that you want to be during this life time.

Old wounds, low self confidence, an inability to feel ”seen’ for who you really are or a lack of courage may present themselves.

Do you feel free to express exactly who you are?

Ultimately, it is you that is responsible for your emotional well-being, so please listen to what it is that you’re needing right now.

There is something that you innately know about who you came to be during this lifetime.

Are you pursuing that?

Wise Teacher

Perhaps someone or something has appeared within your life (or will do so as we get closer to the Full Moon), who will act as a teacher or guide for you at this time.

Or perhaps you need to seek out that person.

Who can help you with forward progress?

Relationship Tension

The ruler of this Moon is Jupiter; currently travelling through Libra and stationary at the time of this Full Moon, so expect some intensity if growth is required in one or several of your relationships.

Sometimes growth requires discomfort and a relationship cannot be it’s best without some emotional honesty and the freedom to be yourself.

If a relationship is not respectful of your freedom or your needs, it could feel stifling right now.

At the time of the Full Moon, Mars will be in Cancer forming an almost exact sextile with Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus.

Perhaps the desire to rebel is conflicting with the urge to belong to or to care for others.

Can you meld the two together?

Is there a way to make it work and to cooperate without losing the true essence of who you are or your sense of freedom and space?


Sagittarius is also about wisdom and ultimately that means your own inner wisdom.

Do you have a strong, innate connection to your inner self/your inner wise man/woman?

Do you tune in and listen to what your heart desires?

If you’re feeling lost, lacking in purpose or uninspired it could be time to take up a spiritual practice.

Whatever draws you; whether that be yoga, meditation, going church or a regular group, which nurtures your spirit and strengthens your intuition, could prove greatly healing right now.

Toxic Emotions/The Shadow Side

Remember that Full Moons tend to bring out the shadow, so watch for the shadow traits of Sagittarius, which may present themselves at this time – Moralistic Behaviour, Judgement, Excess, Clumsiness, Irresponsibility, Tactlessness.

Toxic Emotions, which serve to hold you back may also surface now – Fear, Guilt, Lack, Duty…

These are Ego-based emotions that keep your energy low and letting these emotions drive your actions can make life seem dull, miserable and burdensome.

If you’re sensitive, it may also be worth considering having a News break or a Social Media Sojourn.

It’s amazing how a reconnection with the real World around you can restore inner peace and give you more time to do the things you love.

Choosing Self Love and Vulnerability over Fear

With Venus in Taurus at this Full Moon, why not choose Self Love and to elevate your Self Worth?

Yes, it may feel frightening to stand in the true essence and light of who you are and it may feel especially vulnerable, but that vulnerability is often your greatest asset.

After all, you cannot be yourself whilst you are fearing what others’ will think of the real you.

Do things that make you feel grateful, that nurture and love your body and which increase your overall sense of well-being.

Even if at first, that feels a little ‘selfish’.

Working on you is actually one of the least selfish things that you can do, because when you’re functioning from a full cup,  it increases your capacity to be there for others, to raise the vibration of the Planet and to be a source of light and joy for those around you.

Do this and you’ll likely tap into the positive aspects of Sagittarius – Faith, Optimism, Honesty, Spontaneity and Adventure.

In Honour of those Leading the Way

This write up would not be complete without honouring the amazing people who refuse to stay silent against wrong-doing in our World.

The courageous souls, who become ‘whistle-blowers’ or who stand up against the might of the system for those vulnerable souls, who do not have a voice (including our animal kingdom).

There are some mightily inspirational people out there standing in their truth and bringing through the most amazing changes to make the Earth a better place.

At this Full Moon, please consider lighting a candle and praying for them and all that they do. It’s no easy task; especially when they often risk persecution, ridicule, disbelief and sometimes danger.

Please be mindful of what you believe in; especially News reports, which often seek to divide and conquer.

Your heart always knows the truth, so tune in often and always question what doesn’t feel valid.

Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

If you’re unsure of how to find this and would like help with understanding your natal chart, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” for free.

Look for 18 degrees and 53 seconds of Sagittarius (The Moon), and 18 degrees and 53 seconds of Gemini (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 18 degrees within your natal chart?

Those situated between 16 and 20 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and also Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are likely to add more to the picture.

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The Full Moon will exact on 9th June 2017 at 11:10pm here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10).

Wishing you love, illumination and growth as you move towards a more expansive version of you.

Much Love, Toria xo

Healing Relationships, Cultivating Self Love and Balance – Full Moon in Libra 2017


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Relationships, Compassion and Healing

April’s Full Moon will fall in the sign of Libra on 11th April at 04:08pm (AEST) again highlighting our current Jupiter transits and continuing the push for powerful transformation and growth.

This transformation is likely to take place through relationships, relating and/or your relationship with yourself.

Venus rules this Full Moon chart and placed alongside Chiron in Pisces, she indicates the potential for deep sensitivity, compassion and the possible connection with old wounds.

Illumination of Pain Points

Past pain around being unlovable, betrayal (usually of own ideals/expectations) and the struggle for independence within a relationship may arise now as could difficulty with even minor conflict.

Saturn in Sagittarius moving to square Chiron shows the likely need to take responsibility for healing (your own, a loved one or a relationship) and can highlight where fears and restriction may be keeping you bound.

Guilt, Inadequacy, Shame and a lack of self worth can all feature during this transit and you may have to face where walls have been erected that are no longer necessary.

You may have to consider where your desires and/or values are not being met or acknowledged.

Could it be that more self love and assertion (in asking for what you desire) is needed here?

You may also be experiencing financial issues, which can be a reflection of low self worth and can contribute to a feeling of constraint.

Full Moons tend to heighten energy and illuminate what needs attention.

If you’ve had an intense, chaotic and drama-filled build up to this Full Moon then it might be worth considering some changes.

The Moon’s square to Pluto can rumble up deep emotions that may have previously been buried and can also indicate power struggles and/or darker emotions; such as depression, envy and rage.

With Uranus thrown into the mix, there can be sudden revelations, outbursts and the ability to see or connect with what was previously hidden.

With only a few more days until she turns direct, what lessons has Venus bought to you and what now needs to be addressed?

Click here for my Venus Retrograde post if you haven’t read it or would like a refresh 🙂

The Quest for Peace and Sensuality

Libra wants to keep the peace and sometimes at all costs, but such feelings need to be felt, experienced and worked through if true harmony is to be achieved.

Burying emotions and pretending that they don’t exist can lead to them appearing bigger than they truly are.

Remember that our reactions and the way that we deal with such emotions often determine the outcome.

If you’re feeling envy, try looking at what that person or thing has shown you about your own life. What do you desire that they have?

If you’re feeling a sense of rage, try looking at what’s triggering it. Do you need a physical outlet such as regular exercise or more physical connection with your partner (Mars is in Taurus after all) or has someone pushed a boundary too far?

If you’re connecting with darker moods, then maybe there’s a need to clean up your diet, detoxify and/or spend more time outdoors.

With Mars in Taurus inconjunct this Full Moon, the need for greater sensuality and closeness could be strong.

Slowing down and making time for the senses may bring a greater sense of well-being. Think delicious food, massages, nature walks, essential oils …

It’s also possible that stubborn behaviour could be preventing closeness.

Using Mercury’s current retrograde to review what is arising, patiently working through any issues and finding practical and realistic solutions whilst holding yourself and others in compassion may help.

Breaking out of Restriction(s)/ Transmutation and Personal Power

Independence and growth may also feature strongly and you may find conflicts arise with your loved ones; especially where someone may be feeling restricted.

How are you honouring your need for adventure and expansion?

Are any of the above pain points holding you back?

When faced honestly, such pain can be transmuted and released opening us to deeper levels of awakening and re-connecting us with our personal power.


Balance is a key Libran theme.

Are you looking after everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own?

Are you spending too much time at the office and not enough with loved ones?

What steps can be put in place to allow you greater freedom, independence and the ability to enjoy what you value?

What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 21 degrees and 32 seconds of Libra and 21 degrees and 32 seconds of Aries fall.

Which house axis is being highlighted and what areas of life does that axis represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 21 degrees within your chart? What are they bringing to the table?

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These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

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The Full Moon falls on Tuesday April 11th at 04:06:48pm  here in Brisbane (AEST).

Much Love,

Toria xo

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The Need for Rituals and Self Love in the Busyness of Life – Full Moon in Virgo 2017

The Need to Strengthen Rituals and Self Love - Virgo Full Moon 2017

A funny thing happened as I started to write this blog post.

I began to feel overwhelmed and anxious and I felt totally incapable of doing it.

I started to think of all the other things that I really needed to be doing and I really couldn’t think how to express what I was seeing in the chart.

I felt blocked.

That’s no surprise given the energy that I’m seeing in this Full Moon chart and the fact that it falls within 2 degrees of my natal Sun.

A walk, some Calm and Clear and a mini meditation were enough to let me know that it wasn’t the right time to write this particular blog post and to step away for a while.

And then today, I came back to it and it flowed.

Everything in Divine Time 🙂


Busy, Busy, Busy – Virgo Full Moon and Jupiter Triggers

With the second hit of the Jupiter/Uranus Opposition just behind us and with Jupiter now moving to trigger the second hit of the Jupiter/Pluto square, you may be feeling pushed to the limit.

Jupiter brings growth – awesome!, but it can also bring excess and when squared with Pluto we’re talking powerful and (at times) uncomfortable (square aspect) growth.

Monday’s Full Moon highlights these Jupiter transits and with the Moon falling in Virgo (a sign synonymous with busyness, hard work and perfection), you could easily feel like you have too much on your plate.


Potential for Negative Emotions and Illumination of Pain Points

Full Moons heighten energy, so you may find yourself going into overwhelm or connecting with negative feelings; such as anxiety and inadequacy this week.

Watch for a tendency to wanting to do everything perfectly and for excessive self criticism, which could induce nervous tendencies and take you out of your flow.

Virgo energy has high standards and with Saturn in the mix, this can bring up a sense of there being “no time” leading to paralysis and the inability to let life flow through you.

With The Moon opposing The Sun/Chiron conjunction (potential illumination of wounds) and creating a T Square (challenging aspect) with Saturn (burdens/blockages/the work)  you may find yourself connecting with old wounds, so watch how you’re reacting to current situations.

Are those reactions applicable to what’s happening now or are they magnified and out of context due to them triggering a past hurt?

With Mercury in Pisces squaring Saturn, you may be finding it difficult to communicate about such pain points and could be feeling unsupported. You may also have to face where you are holding onto a rigid viewpoint that is due for a change.

It may be revealing to look at where low self worth or a sense of not being valued could be playing into these negatives; especially with Venus currently travelling retrograde.

Making a list and going through it in order of priority can help to lessen anxiety and bring order to chaos.


Heightened Sensitivity, Clouded Judgement and Letting Go

Heightened sensitivity and an inability to see things clearly could also be playing a part with Pisces energy still strong in our skies (Neptune, Chiron, The Sun, Mercury all in Pisces) and Neptune not making any strong contacts to other planets in the chart .

Is it time to let go (South Node in Pisces) of old patterns of behaviour, excess…

… or maybe of a tendency to pushing your rock up hill?

Neptune is flow energy, so if you’re not tuned into your internal rhythm, you may find that you’re coming up against blocks and stop signs.

Perhaps it’s time to pause and strengthen your connection to your higher self?

Daily outdoor walks, yoga, meditation and deep breathing are some ways that you can do this.

 Such practices can alter our perception of time for the better and decrease stress levels.


Tiredness and Potential for Illness

With Venus travelling Retrograde and Mars currently moving through Venus-ruled Taurus, you may also be feeling more tired than is usual; perhaps even experiencing illness, which can be a Virgo manifestation.

If this is the case then it may be a sign that The Universe/God/Source wants you to slow down and rest for a while.

Illness and Tiredness can exacerbate such negative feelings, adding to the inability to gain a true perspective on where things are at right now.


Strengthening of Rituals and Purification

Our daily rituals are a fundamental foundation of how we feel on a day to day basis.

When life gets busy, doesn’t seem to be going your way or you experience illness, what happens to your rituals?

Do you continue with healthful daily practices, strengthening them where needed or do you throw them out of the window in a “I haven’t got time for that” type of manner?

Yes, we’ve all done it, but those rituals are what will keep you anchored when life gets really tough and without them what do you think is going to sustain you? Hint: it’s not the 15 Mars Bars that keep calling to you!!

Virgo presides over rituals and I would highly recommend smudging your home, your car, yourself and all those who live with you as we move towards this Full Moon.

The February eclipse bought up so much, that there may well be lots of residual energy hanging around, needing to be cleared.


Living Your Passion Through Service

Virgo is a sign of service and with the Jupiter/Uranus opposition falling at the midpoint of Mars and Venus at the time of this Full Moon there is potential for deepening the connection with your passion(s).

How would you like to serve whilst you’re here on Earth?

What outlet would connect you with daily joy and enable you to express yourself at your fullest?


What do you Desire?

This is also a great indicator for relationship growth and you may find that you are able to connect more deeply with your sensuality at this time and to understand what it is that you desire from your partner.

How can you both grow together from this point?

What do you need to do differently to waken things up a little?

Desires can also extend to other sphere’s beyond intimate relationships.

Is Venus’ retrograde journey prompting you to reassess what you desire in life?


Valuing Yourself and The Law of Attraction

With Venus Retrograde in the Full Moon chart and sharing a mutual reception (travelling through each others’ signs) with Mars in Taurus there is a big question of ‘How are you valuing yourself?’

Is it all work and no play?

Do you make time for rituals that value your body …

… Candle Light Baths, Massages, Regular Hair Cuts?

Do you feed yourself nourishing and healthful food?

If you feel like you’re constantly in a spin and that there’s no time to spend time on you, then how is that eminating out into the Universe and what are you subsequently attracting to yourself?

Think Law of Attraction here.

For example, if you’re valuing yourself and gifting yourself down time, then the Universe will reflect that back at you and bring you more to value yourself with.

On the other hand, if you’re barely making 5 hours sleep, constantly complaining of how busy you are and striving to hold everything together, how’s that going to reflect?

Jupiter sits at the midway point of  Venus and Mars in Venus’ sign (Libra) indicating that self-love and time spent on our own personal worth could help you to re=establish balance within your life.

Self Love and Self Worth always starts with you.

… and now I’m singing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in my head 🙂


What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 22 degrees and 13 seconds of Virgo and 22 degrees and 13 seconds of Pisces fall.

Which house axis is being highlighted and what areas of life does that axis represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 22 degrees within your chart? What are they bringing to the table?

If you’d like help with figuring this out you can sign up to my newsletter here and receive my free EBook “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”.

I also offer a 12-month subscription to my Lunar Illuminations.

These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

You can subscribe to my Lunar Illuminations here.

The Full Moon falls on Monday March 13th at 00:53:42am here in Brisbane (AEST).

Much Love,

Toria xo

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You Make This World A Better Place – Full Moon in Leo and a Powerful Lunar Eclipse – February 2017


On 11th February 2017 at 10:33am (AEST) the Full Moon will exact in the sign of Leo.

Leo energy is playful, creative, colourful and fun and above all, wants to be seen, to be adored, to be loved and to be love.

This is the radiant inner you; the innate, creative, true self that you long to shine out and express to others.

A Surprising Eclipse?

Bernadette Brady writes in her book “The Eagle and The Lark” that this particular Eclipse belongs to “a family of eclipses that brings with it the element of pleasant surprise. Sudden happiness, a joyful event, the lucky break, the lucky win. The Events which will be occurring … can positively change the person’s life”.

Well, I for one love that!! Many other Eclipse descriptions are not nearly so favourable, so it will be interesting to see what transpires over the next 6 months (the time period that eclipse energy tends to last).

With Jupiter’s recent retrograde, you may be experiencing a drop in your optimism, but don’t lose heart. Sometimes we just need a course correction or a different vision and that’s what Jupiter Retrograde tends to be about.

Eclipse energy tends to run for 6 months, so there is also the chance that these positive changes may not eventuate until August and Jupiter will be well and truly direct by then.

A Kite Formation between Saturn, Uranus and the Full Moon (all falling in fire signs) certainly looks favourable for giving both the inspiration and the staying power to work towards your goals.

If the way seems blocked right now to one particular ambition, look for another route or just do what you can to keep moving forward in other areas of your life until something shifts.

Often we don’t know what Jupiter’s Retrograde will bring to us until he one again turns direct (June 2017), so it may be a case of tuning into our instinctive timing device and trusting that all will happen at the right time.

What requires Healing?

Full Moon’s illuminate what is in need of healing, what needs to change within our lives or what is calling for our attention and this particular Full Moon is also our first Eclipse of 2017, so you can expect that illumination to be somewhat magnified.

Eclipse energy asks that we release energy that is no longer supportive to our journey and with a Yod between The Moon, Jupiter and Chiron in this eclipse chart, we are being asked to bring healing to emotional blocks and wounds that may otherwise hold us back from progressing.

Particularly those issues that relate to our need to be seen, valued and loved and which may be affecting our self-esteem and self-love.

Many could be finding that inner child issues are re-surfacing now, so be mindful of what is triggering you.

Remember that this Full Moon is the outcome of our Aquarian New Moon, which occurred in January.

How comfortable are you with standing out from the crowd? Do you embrace your uniqueness?

And if not, why not?

Is it time to address buried emotions?

The next 6 months could be a potent time to work on releasing such wounds, so if you feel called to do the work it may be wise to embrace that calling.

The Need for Compassion

Be gentle with yourself and those around you as we lead up to this Eclipse, because energetically there is a lot going on.

If you’re noticing that you’re feeling out of sorts or just blah, then you’re probably picking up on the change in electromagnetic frequency, which eclipses create.

I’ve been experiencing vision disturbances, a sense of being ‘wired’ and have felt a little under the weather this last two weeks.

Planetary energy can have a huge effect on us and all of this is perfectly ‘usual’ under Eclipse conditions.

If you find that friends, colleagues or family members are more reactive than usual it may be wise to give them an ear of support and to let them know that you’re there for them if they need to talk.

Vilification of and Suppression of the Feminine

The Black Moon is currently at the final degree of Scorpio and is squaring the Full Moon in this Eclipse chart, so abuse of power could be a theme that arises over the next 6 months; especially in relation to sexual power and the vilification of female energy or females in general.

If this is something that you can relate to, then you may be called to acknowledge related emotions; such as buried anger, residual hurt, shame and/or emotional/energetic blocks.

Seeking further possible healing solutions over the next 6 months may prove powerful.


Leo is the sign of creativity and I’m not just talking of the Artistic kind here.

We all have the capacity to create and that is what I believe that we are here for; to give the gifts of our own authentic and unique creations in service to others.

We all create in different ways, whether that’s:

  • The hairdresser who tidies up your unkempt hair; making you feel beautiful again whilst lending a supportive ear,
  • The chocolatier, who creates special creations for you to indulge in and to indulge your loved ones with,
  • The healer, who creates a sacred space for you to share and release
  • The gardener, who mows your lawn each Friday to ensure that you come home to a beautiful home.

There is not one person on this Earth who is not creative.

What gifts do you bring and do you know your true worth?

The Yod that I mentioned earlier can be a challenging aspect pattern, but it is ultimately calling for a synergy.

In this case, that’s the need to be totally and unashamedly exactly who you were born to be whilst remaining in balance (not going to excess) and whilst also remaining compassionate and mindful of others.

The potential healing I talk about above may be required to assist you with being that.

Helping others may also light you up in some way over the next 6 months; especially if you are able to do so using your innate gifts.

Mystic Rectangle

There is a Mystic Rectangle within the chart; another harbinger of creative potential.

This Aspect Pattern, which includes The Sun, The Moon, Uranus and Jupiter is made up of a combination of both harmonious and difficult aspects:

We have the tension of the Jupiter/Uranus Opposition ,which is likely bringing the desire for greater freedom, growth and change within your life…

… working alongside the Sun/Uranus and Moon/Jupiter sextiles in Fire and Air signs.

These aspects are likely to add to that need for greater freedom and growth as well as bringing the desire for you to express yourself as you truly are.

This is independent, spacious energy, so if you’re experiencing the feeling of being stuck (that ‘groundhog day’ type of scenario) then this eclipse could likely trigger a sense of frustration within you.

Is more spontaneity and greater inspiration needed?

Finally, we have the Fire Trine (Moon/Uranus) and the Air Trine (Sun/Jupiter), which are likely to find you motivated to seek inspiration and stimulation.

A self-perpetuated risk or a chance happening may be required to break you out of your day to day pattern and shake up the daily routine.

The trick with the Mystic Rectangle is to attempt to balance the opposing forces inherent in the two oppositions that it contains –

  • The Sun in Aquarius and The Moon in Leo pose The dichotomy of:
    • The will to help humanity and to be accepted as part of the group
    • Versus: The need to be seen, praised and acknowledged for who you are (as an individual).
      • The Balance:
        • Using your innate gifts in order to help humanity. The type of gifts that when you shine them out, make you feel fulfilled and glean a deep sense of self worth
        • The understanding that just by being you, you make this World a better place.
  • Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries pose the dichotomy of:
    • Balanced Growth and Consideration of Others Rights
    • Versus: The desire for Rapid Personal Awakening and The Sudden Need to Break Out of Restriction
      • The Balance:
        • Being an Instigator of Change whilst also giving consideration to the fact that others may not be on the same page. What are their needs right now and are you making provision for those needs in pursuit of your vision?
        • Slowing down and understanding that just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean that it never will.

Remember that Jupiter is a big player in the energy for 2017. Here’s the link if you missed my posts on that.

What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 22 degrees and 28 seconds of Leo and 22 degrees and 28 seconds of Aquarius fall.

Which house axis is being highlighted and what areas of life does that axis represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 22 degrees within your chart? What are they bringing to the table?

If you’d like help with figuring this out you can sign up to my newsletter here and receive my free EBook “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”.

I also offer a 12-month subscription to my Lunar Illuminations.

These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

With this Full Moon falling on a weekend, perhaps you can plan a fun trip or activity with loved ones and truly bask in the light of this warm, fiery and joyful energy.

Leo-related Bush Flower Essences


I have a few Bush Flower Essence remedies on my website that specifically target and work with Leo-related themes.

If you feel called to give them a go, you can find them here.

As an example, here are a few negative expressions of energy, which can relate to Leo excess or deficiency:

Being Overbearing, Excessive Pride, Vanity, Shyness, Feeling Invisible, Bossiness, Boasting, Condescending Speech, Egocentric Behaviour, Lacking in Courage, Fear of Expressing Self…

Have a great week and remember to be compassionate with yourself and others whilst also remaining alert to the signs of what is occurring within you and around you this week.

Wishing you an enlightened and magical 6 months

Now, go Be You, Be Magical and Be Love.

We Need You!!

With Love,

Toria xo

Heightened Sensitivity, Volatility and Family Love- Full Moon in Cancer January 2017


January’s Full Moon will exact on 12th January at 09:34pm (AEST).

Remember that the week leading up to a Full Moon can illuminate the shadow side and magnify personal and/or relationship issues in need of healing and love.

Increased Sensitivity

With this Full Moon forming a kite with Chiron, Mars and the Black Moon (also in water signs), increased sensitivity and receptivity is likely along with heightened intuition.

Honour your feminine side (males and females), withdraw for a while if needs be and be alert for any triggers related to your emotional depth, sexuality or your vulnerability.

Home and Family

Cancer is the sign connected to home and family (physical or soul family), so this a beautiful Moon to give gratitude to your home for its shelter, warmth and protection and to your family for the love and nurture that you share.

Perhaps by purchasing something beautiful for your abode that enhances its ambiance or elevates its vibration and in turn makes you, and those who share it ,feel nurtured, loved and special.

Having a safe haven to retreat to could be just the ticket right now; especially if you’re feeling quiet or overwhelmed, either by your own intimate World or by your perspective on the wider World.

Remember that inner peace becomes outer peace and try to stay in your heart as much as is possible in the lead up to this Full Moon.

Cancer energy loves to care for others and with all the intuition available to you under this Moon’s energy you may know just what others need.

Be supportive and call upon those who support you, if needed.

Volatile Reactions

Of course, Full Moons can also highlight problems around relating and this one appears to be quite action packed with a T Square between The Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and The Sun/Pluto Conjunction.

That’s power-full energy!!

Drama and Power Struggles could be an issue right now and you may find yourself, events or others around you reactive, volatile or prone to eruptions right now.

Deep feelings could surface and require purging and Mars square to Saturn could bring up some angst around frustration or an inability to act on instinct.

If things have gotten to the point where something has to give, then that may just happen around this Full Moon.

Be aware of a tendency to judge others or yourself now and remember we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve been given.

Be Love, Be Understanding, Be Tolerance as much as is possible and don’t beat yourself up with self-deprecation when you’re not in that place.

Feel, Honour and Release – Step Away From The Sugar

Nurture your body with healthful foods and steer away from a sugar overload, which could be used as a way to placate uncomfortable feelings.

Instead, try feeling into your emotions, go for a walk with them, sit by a waterfall and let them flow over you or write them out and express them.

Feeling is often healing.

Potential for Sudden Change

There could also be surprising opportunities, sudden epiphanies or unexpected changes now that require action.

Use that Saturn/Mars energy to pause, reflect and assert rather than react and with Mercury at the final degree of Sagittarius, let your inner wisdom be your guide.

Powerful change and transformation could certainly be on the cards for some.

What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 22 degrees and 27 seconds of Cancer and 22 degrees and 27 seconds of Capricorn fall.

What houses are these and which area of life do they represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 22 degrees within your chart? What do they represent in your life?

If you’d like help with figuring this out you can sign up to my newsletter here and receive my free EBook “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”.

You can also use the same link to sign up for my Lunar Updates and be alerted as the Moon goes through her eight stages each month. This is a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow.

With Love,

Toria xo

Any Communication Difficulties Yet? Mercury Retrograde – Plus Timeline


The week before a Full Moon can be a little crazy.

Full Moon energy can bring us face to face with the shadow side of our personalities.

It wouldn’t be surprising given the energy of this particular Full Moon,which falls in Gemini (Gemini is the sign ruled by Mercury) and the fact that we are currently in the lead up (the shadow period) to Mercury’s impending retrograde if you have been experiencing communication issues.

Mercury rules communication and his retrograde periods (when Mercury seemingly travels backward across our skies) can be synonymous with delays and communication mayhem, so be on the look out for what is arising around you and within you.

Of course, all of this does not just happen.

It is always a prompt to something that is needing attention.

Something that Mercury is showing to us from within our psyche that is asking us to take responsibility.

Mercury Retrograde works very well with ‘re‘ words.

Words like rework, renovate, research and Mercury often gives us a chance to redo what isn’t working so well.

Often we experience technical glitches and mix ups.

Cars, computers and white goods can all be affected; often needing repair or replacement.

And… it’s a good time to check and double-check; to reread and to review, so in the build up to Christmas make sure that you’ve ordered everything that you think you have – that it’s the right item, size and colour.


Mercury will travel between 15degrees and 17seconds of Capricorn back to 28degrees and 50seconds of Sagittarius during this particular retrograde.

Where does that fall in your birth chart? Which house (area of life) is up for review?

Do you have planets around those degrees? What do those planets represent?

The following keywords are from my Ebook “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness”, which you can download for free when you sign up to my Newsletter.

Do you have lessons to learn around any of these?



Keywords: Optimistic, Traveller, Freedom-Seeker, Spiritual-Seeker, Religious/Spiritual, Expansive, Exuberant, Adventurous, Inspirational, Unrestrained, Intelligent, Spontaneous, Restless, Explorer, Outspoken, Extroverted, Boisterous, Aware of the Bigger Picture

Negatively: Blunt, Opinionated, Indiscriminate, Clumsy/Accident-Prone, Careless, Extravagant, Exaggeratedly, Unreliable, Self-Righteous, Preaching, Fanatical



Keywords: Serious, Disciplined, Responsible, Hardworking, Reliable, Structured, Resilient, Careful, Prudent, Cautious, Ambitious, Incredible Integrity, Self Sufficient, Respectful, Reserved, Honest/Law-Abiding, Honest, Enterprising, Traditional, Conservative, Enduring, Wise, Mature, Achiever, Appropriate Boundaries

Negatively: Burdened, Pessimistic, Stern, Mean, Narrow-Minded, Fearful, Guilt-Ridden, Opportunistic, Hard, Inhibited, Bound, Walled-In


It is likely that this particular retrograde will bring up a combination of themes across both signs. These themes are vast and it all depends on your own personal circumstances as to how this may affect you.

You can play around with the keywords and look at the examples that are happening in your life.

Combinations; such as given here in the following examples, may well be playing out for some and more examples can be found in my previous Mercury Retrograde posts on these two signs, which can be found in the ‘Related Posts’ section below.

  • Lessons around loosening what keeps us bound, so that we can open to more spontaneity and adventure.
  • A need to take more responsibility to become more reliable where we have previously been a little lax.
  • Communication problems that may stem from being over-authoritative and strict or that arise from judgement. Is there a need to be more open-minded and open-hearted and less critical?
  • Is more inspiration required? What has become dull?


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Releasing Shackles, The Power of Words and Awakening to a Deeper Love – Full Moon in Gemini – December 2016

Full Moon in Taurus Today- Set to be a Magnificent Sight

Full Moon Flash(1)

At 11:51pm here in Brisbane (AEST) the Full Moon in Taurus will be exact in our skies and she’s going to be spectacular.

According to this Forbes article, this particular Full Moon is set to be the biggest Moon that we’ve seen in 68 years due to its close proximity with the Earth.

She will be visible in Brisbane from 6pm onwards.

Here’s a Moon rise and set calculator so you can find out the time for your region and make sure that you get to see her too!!

Remember that the build up to a Full Moon can illuminate shadow aspects, so be mindful of what has been appearing in your life over the last week and think about how you can transmute any negative patterns/behaviours.

You can read more on the energy of this particular Full Moon here.

Happy Moon Bathing!

Much Love, Toria xo