Time to Commit to Growth. Are you All In? – Jupiter enters Scorpio

It's Your Life - Paint it Like you Mean It!! - Jupiter Moves into Scorpio

Jupiter has now moved from diplomatic, relationship-focussed Libra into intense, passionate and psychic Scorpio.

The quest for deeper intimacy is on!

Both in our relationships with others and the one that we hold with ourselves.

This is all in or all out energy.

Jupiter in Scorpio wants commitment, emotional depth and connection – with everything!

Those who can harness this will meet with strong growth through transmutation, transformation and subsequent empowerment.

No more dilly-dallying in pursuit of your goals and ambitions!

This is the time to purge all of those toxic emotions that may be holding you back from your desires.

It’s also a great time to remove excess from the body and commit to some serious transformation (mind, body and spirit) through a regular fasting routine, a healthier lifestyle, more physical exercise and a deep dive into what makes you tick psychologically.

Explore the metaphysical, the psychic realms, the recesses of your mind, your passions and the depths of your emotions.

Get involved in mysteries and allow them to take you on a journey.

Expect to meet with deeply cathartic and metamorphic experiences, people and events.

Seek to love deeply, wholly with devotion and consider exploring Tantra (if you haven’t already)

With Mercury set to follow Jupiter into this tenacious sign for the remainder of the month, this is a great period for focus and mental discipline.

Venus will Transit Scorpio from 7th November to 1st December when date nights could take on a more intense, seductive and passionate air.

Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 2018.

How will you make the most of this empowering time?

Much Love, Toria xo




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