Express Yourself and Confidently Follow Your Heart – New Moon in Leo – August 2017

New Moon in Leo - August 2017

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A Second New Moon in Leo – Are you Listening to your Heart?

Yes, you read the title right –

We have yet another Leo New Moon falling this month.

If you’re not feeling the Leo-vibe yet then that would be surprising!!

Leo is all about shining as the person you are and radiating your pure, true essence out to the World.

Leos love to be seen and admired and they have HUGE heart energy, so I hope you’re connecting with your own heart and following it to where it’s guiding you.

That path leads to some serious fulfilment, so what are you waiting for?


Solar Eclipse and the Potential for Change

This New Moon is the second eclipse of this particular eclipse season and also our final eclipse of the year.

The last Full Moon (in Aquarius) was a Lunar Eclipse, which usually tends to bring changes from within (instigated by our own inner promptings) whereas this one is a Total Solar Eclipse, which tends to bring external events to us; such as people, opportunities or events, so watch for what is happening in your life between now and the next 6 months.

Perhaps there’ll be an opportunity that arises that helps to push you more into who you really want to be…


Potential Mix Ups and Fix Ups, Refinement and Repair

Watch for miscommunication and confusion arising now, as Mercury (currently retrograde) is conjunct this New Moon.

What are these teaching you? There’s always a lesson, so release blame and take responsibility for what’s going on around you right now.

What do you need to change?

Mercury Retrograde can also signify review, a re-going over, a refinement… Just think ‘re’ words!!

So, with that in mind, do you need to refine some skills to get to where you want to be?

Do you need to check out some venues, retreats or perhaps a course that will take you in the right direction?

Practical matters may also be calling for your attention now, so take time to sort out any paperwork, D.I.Y or financial matters.

Mercury Retrograde can also go hand in hand with faults appearing around the home and car, so calling in a skilled tradesman may also apply.

Remember that your home carries energy too and attending to those issues can really improve the flow in the particular area of life that the appliance applies to.

For example, the connection of dripping taps with leaky finances in Feng Shui.

With the Jupiter/Pluto square now starting to wane, you may find that you have a little more free time to go back over anything that you feel was rushed since 2017 began.

Maybe a tight project deadline required a quick fix that can now be re-visited…


Health Matters – Time for a Rethink or Retune?

Your health may also be in the limelight this month.

What could do with a tune up there?

What needs to happen so that you can rejuvenate and re-energise yourself?

Remember – Leo energy is about impressing!!

Is it time to regain your sparkle?

You really can heal yourself from almost anything and plenty of people are doing it, so please don’t feel overwhelmed or in despair if you’re health isn’t where you need it to be.

Look for the right people and trust the path.

As a wonderful Astrology teacher of mine once said:

“Illness is a journey”… “Your body knows what to do”

Babula Clement

Just make sure you’re heading in the direction of wellness and let your body’s prompts take you there.

It knows what it can and can’t tolerate and it knows how to repair itself.

It just needs you to help it and yes, you may need to find the right people to help you with the wisdom of that.

You grew in your mother’s womb. Your body knew where to place your organs and your head and your limbs.

Your body is amazing and you can help it to be its best and support it to support you.


Confidently Shine Your Light. It’s time to Radiate!!

This eclipse also occurs on the North Node indicating that there’s going to be a strong push towards shining your light.

What needs to be incorporated to help you to do that?

With Mars (also in Leo) up-close and personal with the New Moon/Eclipse energy it’s time to take action of those plans.

What actions will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment?

Mars will also be boosting your sense of confidence, so have courage and express yourself and your creativity with flair.

With a Grand Fire Trine between the New Moon, Saturn/The Black Moon and Uranus it’s time to face your fears and go all out.

You never know, hard work now might just bring through some surprising changes later on!!

Act on inspiration and Seize the day!!

Actions will always speak louder than words.

Yes, in the short term, that may mean working two jobs whilst you find your feet or putting yourself in a position that gives you some initial discomfort, but is holding yourself back with a barrage of excuses really going to make you feel any better?


Healing Emotional Blocks

If you’re feeling any emotional blocks; such as lack of confidence, debilitating fear, a lack of worth then you may wish to consider seeking out a healer to help you  to move forward.

Think modalities such as: Homoeopathy, Kinesiology, Counselling…

You may also like to book a Bush Flower Essence consultation with me.


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

If you’re unsure of how to find this and would like help with understanding your natal chart, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” for free.

Look for 28 degrees and 52 seconds of Leo. which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 28 degrees within your natal chart?

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Tracking the Lunar Cycle each Month

Remember that New Moons are fabulous for cleansing your crystals and your home  and for setting intentions.

I also offer a 12-month subscription to my Lunar Illuminations.

These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

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The New Moon will exact at 04:30:06am on 22nd August here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10 – Click this link for a Time Conversion to your part of the World).

Now, go find your roar!!

Much Love for a fabulous month ahead,

Toria xo


Mercury is now Retrograde!! What Does This Mean For You?



Mercury Retrograde – The Details…

At 11:01:14 am here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT +10) this morning (August 13th) Mercury turned retrograde in our skies at 11degrees and 38seconds of Virgo, which means that from our position here on Earth he will now appear to move backwards for a little over 3 weeks.

When Mercury reverses direction it gives us a chance to review, repair, refresh and reignite and with Virgo being the first sign of this particular retrograde, you can bet that practical matters will be coming up for review at some point during the next few weeks.

Between now and 5th September (09:29pm AEST, GMT +10), when Mercury will once again turn direct,  anything that pertains to your Earthly reality is set to undergo a period of re-organisation.

And, Virgo loves the details, so be prepared to dot any outstanding Is and cross some Ts!!


Time to Get Organised…

Think’ Practical Re-Organisation’; such as D.I.Y, Finances, Bodily/Physical Health, Work Matters, Routines, Daily Habits.

What needs to be reworked so that you can move forward unencumbered for the next stage of your journey?

Those mounting accounts may seem a dull and dreary chore, but by not going there you’re only making that chore appear bigger.

By attending to what needs to be done you can release any negative feelings towards it, freshen the energy of yourself, your home and your daily life and make saying ‘Yes’ to future projects/opportunities easier, as you’ll have freed up space to fit it in.


Why Not Set Some Health Goals…

As Virgo is also strongly aligned with health, it could be time to check in with how yours is going.

Is it time to introduce or increase healthy rituals into your life?

If so, then this is a fabulous time to really look at your day to day life, eating and exercise habits.

Could something in this area do with a rethink?

How could you gain more vitality and everyday well-being?

Perhaps you’d like to bring more natural into your life when it comes to your choice of treatment as well, as Earthy Virgo is also concerned with the natural World.

Think Bush Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Earth-Given Therapies…


Potential Communication Challenges

This particular Mercury retrograde appears alongside our upcoming August New Moon, which is also our second Eclipse of the month and our final Eclipse of the year.

Therefore, pay close attention to any communication issues that may arise now.

Something could be being bought to the surface for attention and healing.

In my experience, sweeping things under carpets doesn’t keep them hidden for long, so it may be time to take a good look at what’s really going on and see what you can refine and re-establish in this area.

Bernadette Brady has also connected this particular Eclipse with health issues or tiredness, which ties in with the Virgo theme of self-care, ritual and getting back to nature that we were discussing earlier.


Time to Re-Skill?

Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist. Hence the need may also arise to hone your skills in some area of your life.

Perhaps something needs some re-attunement now or perhaps you’ll find yourself needing to revisit something you thought you’d mastered…


Watch for Self-Criticism and Criticism of Others…

It can also be a very self-critical sign, so rather than wallowing in an overwhelming self-berating emotional wash of despair, try to stand back emotionally from any challenges that you may face during the retrograde period and instead, take a deep breath and tackle those challenges one by one in a methodical way.

Pay extra attention to the words that you use at this time too. Are you being overly critical of others?

Do they deserve your tongue lashings?

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Renewed Inspiration and Taking Time for Recreation (Re-Creation)

Mercury will also be backtracking into Leo during his retrograde journey. As he traverses ‘seemingly backwards’ through this fiery sign you may find yourself re-thinking how you want to express yourself.

There could be a review of creative projects and changes to what inspires you or to how you want to inspire others.

Mercury retrograde in Leo is all about reviewing what sets your heart alight, your ability to be spontaneous and to re-connect with what you find playful, so give it time.

You’re re-creating yourself and the way that you manifest your World!!

Make time to relax and have some fun.


Have Patience…

Patience is always a good trait to have during these retrogrades, so if you’re feeling somewhat blocked creatively or held back from achieving your desires, give your mind time to upgrade and once this particular retrograde is over you may have more of an idea about why those frustrations arose.

As Mercury rules short distance travel and all forms of communication there can also be issues with vehicles, mail mix ups (including email) and network dilemmas.

Check, Double Check and if something doesn’t seem to be progressing as fast as you’d like, try dropping the impatience and doing something else for now or perhaps trying to do it differently.


How I’m Handling This One…

It’s no coincidence that I began my fasting marathon as Mercury passed 28 degrees and 25 seconds of Leo (the point to which he will return during this particular retrograde).

The lead up to a Retrograde is classed as a ‘shadow period’ by some Astrologers and I’ve certainly seen this at work in my own life.

Being Mercury-ruled, I am rather sensitive to Mercury Retrograde energy and this time (with Mercury moving through the 8th house of my natal chart – transformation!!) I certainly feel that I’m re-building and re-forming myself to a much healthier, re-energised me!!

Natural Health and Fasting are also something that I feel passionate about, so this fast is really giving me the opportunity to walk my talk.

That doesn’t mean that it’s been easy to do, of course.

Yesterday was probably one of my toughest days yet and I could have so easily eaten, but with only 8 days remaining on the juice fast component of this program there’s no way I’m throwing in the towel!!

Roll on Monday 21st August when I’ll begin gently breaking my fast and eating delicious raw food 😊

On top of that I have some mounting paperwork to climb through and we’re renovating, so it’s certainly a busy period in our house!!

Remember – real transformation takes effort and a willingness to act.


How Will This Retrograde Likely Affect You?

Perhaps you’ve also begun something (or been nudged to re-do something) over the last 2 weeks, as Mercury slowed down to turn retrograde or perhaps this week has been particularly frustrating for you in some way.

If so, then see if you can look at what Mercury may be attempting to change for you as you venture into the next 23 days.

Where does this retrograde travel through within your natal chart?

If you’re unsure of how to find this and would like help with understanding your natal chart, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” for free.

Look for where 11 degrees of Virgo to 28 degrees of Leo falls.

Which house or houses (areas of life) are being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) those degrees within your natal chart?

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I also offer a 12-month subscription to my Lunar Illuminations.

These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

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Wishing you a productive and healthful period and a beautiful re-connection to your radiant heart energy.
Much Love,
Toria xo


Honour Your Unique Energy – Full Moon in Aquarius 2017

Full Moon in Aquarius - Honour your Unique Energy

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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter,

and those who matter don’t mind.

– Bernard M.Baruch


Welcome to Eclipse Season – Rising Intensity and The Drive for Personal Expression

Welcome to the second Eclipse Season of 2017.

Full Moon’s tend to raise the level of intensity and eclipses can raise that intensity to a whole new level.

This Full Moon falls in Aquarius with the Moon sitting conjunct the South Node indicating that you may be asked to become aware of some emotional patterns this week that you need to release to move forwards.

With Mars and The Sun conjunct The North Node, the drive to be yourself and to express your unique essence is likely to be strong.

Are you taking steps to play your part and to share the gift of who you are with the rest of humanity or are you meeting resistance?

With Saturn ((as dispositor of this Full Moon) conjunct the Black Moon in Sagittarius and trine to the Sun being true to yourself and seeking freedom is likely going to be important.


Independence, Freedom and Evolution

Aquarian energy is incredibly independent; often associated with the revolutionary and the humanitarian.

The unique, out-there reformer, who can see a new way long before his or her peers.

Aquarius energy loves humankind and seeks to bring forth change in the name of evolution and love.

Pouring forth gifts of expansion and awakening, Aquarius energy truly appreciates the interconnectedness of  life.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeking greater independence, feeling impassioned about a movement or cause or connecting with a need to break out at this Full Moon.


Possible Relationship Friction

Bernadette Brady describes a possible expression of this eclipse as: “Unexpected events involving friends or groups place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships. The individual would be wise not to make any hasty decisions since information is distorted and possibly false”.

The stronger the effect of this eclipse within your own personal natal chart the stronger the effect in your life, so remember to see below for where this particular one is falling.

The opposition between Mercury and Neptune could certainly be throwing some fog around, so ensure you really do know the real facts before reacting.

With Jupiter in Libra trine the Moon, which is sitting on the South Node,  it’s probably wise to see such relationship pressures as a chance to grow.

Aquarian energy can bring detachment, so remaining centred and bringing in some of that Libran diplomacy could be the way forward.


Remain Conscious of Illuminated Patterns

Saturn’s square to Chiron indicates that low self worth and/or feelings of inadequacy could be arising now.

Full Moons tend to illuminate negativity and unconscious behaviours; more so eclipses.

Do you or does someone else need to acknowledge how the fear of rejection, isolation or of not being enough could be playing a part?

Is it time to release negative emotional patterns that may be holding you back from shining your light?


Potential For Increased Tiredness/Health Issues

Brady also predicts possible health issues or tiredness, so look after yourself and make sure that you’re having enough sleep in the build up to this Full Moon and over the following 6 months.

With Neptune inconjunct the Sun/Mars conjunction there’s certainly potential for feeling a little less driven.

Giving Neptune ‘something to do’; such as engaging the spiritual and artistic aspects of life can work wonders at these times.

Meditation, Yoga, Art, Music… could all help you to feel back in the flow.

If you’ve not been taking steps to look after your health then perhaps now is the time to acknowledge that and to begin to engage in activities that enrich you Mind, Body and Spirit.

Diet plays a huge role in health. How is yours nourishing you?

Do you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and feed your body with the rainbow of vibrant colours (not nasty synthetic ones)?

Do you listen when your body grumbles after you ingest certain foods or do you continue to eat them despite the discomfort?

As someone who has given up lots of foods over the last 7 years, I can tell you that the initial pain is most definitely worth it.

I no longer eat dairy, wheat, caffeine, meat or fish and I’ve never felt better.

The effect that a bad diet can have on your emotional, physical and mental self is huge.


This ones for the Misfits, the Lightworkers and the Renegades

Yes, it can be lonely when you’re called to stand out from the crowd; especially when others don’t seem to understand you (or even appear to try to) and this Full Moon could certainly highlight some of that.

If your role during this lifetime is to help lead the way to a brighter future then you don’t need anyone’s acceptance or validation to do that.

Finding your soul family when your birth family just doesn’t ‘get you’ can be a beautiful experience.

Look for groups of like minded people, give yourself an extra dose of love and remember that you are always surrounded by the love of spirit.

Nature can also prove incredibly healing. I may not always understand humans, but trees are pure love.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself-and especially to feel, or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at any moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.”
– Jim Morrison


Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this Full Moon/Eclipse?

Where does this Full Moon fall within your natal chart?

If you’re unsure of how to find this and would like help with understanding your natal chart, you can sign up for my newsletter and receive my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” for free.

Look for 15 degrees and 25 seconds of Aquarius (The Moon), and 15degrees and 25 seconds of Leo (The Sun).

Which house axis (areas of life) is being highlighted in your chart?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 15degrees within your natal chart?

Those situated between 13 and 17 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and also Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces are likely to add more to the picture.

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These alerts are a great way to track your intention setting and to tune into your own emotional ebb and flow as the Moon moves through her eight phases each month.

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The Full Moon will exact on 8th August 2017 at 04:11am (AEST, GMT +10)

Wishing you love, illumination and growth as you move towards a more expansive version of you.

Much Love, Toria xo