Taking Care of your Earthly Body – New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

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Sensuality, Security and The Body

In the fast-paced society that we live in today it can be hard to make time for breathing, let alone sensuality, but human touch is a strong need for overall well-being.

This month sees the Taurus/Scorpio axis highlighted, so you may well find yourself craving more connection, affection and intimacy.

April’s New Moon will fall in the sign of Taurus on April 26th 2017 at 10:16:03PM (AEST); a sign greatly associated with the need for physical affection and security.

Anyone with a child with Taurus prominent in their natal chart is likely to confirm their innate need for this and you may well find that this is coming up strongly for the children in your life right now.

Taurus is also the sign that is most often associated with Mother Earth, so making time for nature, fruits and veggies is a wonderful way to honour her and your body.

Revolution in the Air

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Aries in the New Moon chart and both are connecting with Pluto via a square (aspect of tension).

The transit of Pluto through Capricorn, which began back in 2008 is synonymous with the uprooting of corruption within our power systems here on Earth and when Mercury and Uranus get together in this powerful configuration, people are unlikely to remain quiet to what they are seeing.

Revolution is in the Air.

Mercury/Uranus can also cause a wired feeling to the mind, so if yours is ticking over and preventing you from sleeping it may be worth listening to what it’s trying to tell you; especially if you’re feeling fired up about something.

There can be sudden insights and awakenings now and with Mercury in Retrograde motion a re-think, re-view and re-structure of belief systems is likely; especially when those belief systems are based on false information.

The Quest for Freedom and Truth and our Responsibility to Mother Earth

The Black Moon (representative of The Divine Feminine and what has been suppressed) is pushing for greater truth and freedom of expression, which may not always feel comfortable.

The New Moon’s Grand Cross with Mars in Gemini and the Virgo/Pisces Nodal Axis, as well as the Black Moon’s square to Neptune, appears to be pushing for the outing of information related to deception and to the health of our planet.

Of course, Taurus also governs the body and now more than ever we need to ensure that we know what is going into and onto our bodies if we are to ensure our future health; including ingredients, what those ingredients are (and their possible effects upon the body) and the source of those ingredients.

It’s no coincidence that the documentary series “The Truth About Vaccines” came out last week and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants more information around vaccines.

It covers a lot.

Globally, more and more people are waking up to the corruption of those in  positions of power; such as Governments, The Pharmaceutical Industry, the FDA (The Governors of our food and drug safety) and issues with the Environment and our Animals.

Such abuse of power cannot be allowed to continue. This may involve the ruffling of feathers, but discomfort is necessary if we are to progress.

Taurus likes stability, safety and security. The Black Moon in Sagittarius wants truth and freedom.

Both are necessary if we are to live as free people upon the Earth.

Integration and Working diligently towards Change

Thankfully, with the Saturn/Uranus Trine highlighted in this New Moon chart, it’s probable that the changes you’ve been going through during the last 7+ years (since late 2009) are now becoming more integrated into your life, making them less of a challenge.

What are you now embodying and what needs a little more integration?

What intentions could you set under this New Moon that will either help you to assimilate those changes further or enable you to move forward in a way that honours them?

This aspect gives patience and discipline when breathing new life into areas of your life that have become stagnant or in need of change.

With a Grand Trine between the New Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and The North Node in Virgo, you may also be considering how you can bring changes related to health and/or work improvements through into the way that you serve others.

If things are to change, then we all need to take responsibility for the health of our own bodies and to minimise the impact that we have upon the Earth.

We are her caretakers, after all.

 Compassion and Oneness

With the Moon’s ruler Venus at the anuretic (final) degree of Pisces in the chart and conjunct Chiron, compassion, oneness and the capacity for deep and unconditional love that encompasses all could be strong.

This contact can have you feeling deep empathy in relation to the pain and suffering that is occurring in the World.

How can you ground this compassion into Mother Earth and help to convert the ‘Love of Power’ (that we often see playing out in the wider World) to the ‘Power of Love’ in your own life?

With Venus yet to completely clear her retrograde path you may be privy to insights around wounded parts of yourself that affect your capacity for self love.

What needs to be addressed and healed that is likely connected to a present relationship or maybe an old wound related to your experience of your parents?

Keep opening. Keep forgiving. Keep moving forwards.

And remember, you are as much a part of this Earth as everyone else. You belong and your input is very much needed.

Body Wisdom

If you’re being visited by the Black Moon in Sagittarius, chances are you’re be finding it difficult to quiet your true self.

Is it time for some emotional honesty and to tune into and trust the wisdom of your body?

We know truth when it is spoken and we innately know what is good and what is not good for our bodies.

What changes can you bring through under this New Moon to nurture your body in more healthful ways?

If you are a parent, what changes can you implement that will help your children to learn to love and nurture of their own bodies?

Remember that children learn from our actions, so anything that you do for you, you do for them.

Awakening and the Need for Patience

If you are someone who is going through an awakening process at this minute and you’re feeling a little lost in the fog, be patient with yourself, give yourself time to adjust and remember that you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

A Need for Earthing/Grounding

If you’re finding that your nervous system is in overdrive at the minute or if you’re noticing that your children tend to be more hyper than usual, you may need to implement a grounding routine to keep everyone centred.

Spending time in nature, walking barefoot on the Earth, burning Essential Oils such as Cedarwood, Vetiver and Sandalwood or pursuits such as gardening, mediation and yoga can help, as can upping the exercise.

Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 6 degrees and 27 seconds of Taurus, which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 6degrees within your natal chart?

Those situated between 4 and 8 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and also Libra or Sagittarius are likely to add more to the picture.

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Saturn Retrograde 2017

Saturn Turns Retrograde in Sagittarius on 6th April 2017.

When Saturn turns retrograde it can seem as if something within our
life has suddenly come to a standstill. Progress can be delayed and
frustrations can arise, as we are offered the chance to review the
structures that we have built within our lives as well as to check in
with the status of our inner authority.

Perhaps there is something that you are trying to achieve, but you are experiencing pressure from other areas within your life that seem to prevent you from moving forwards with it.

Saturn’s station-retrograde is a time when something new begins to stir within our unconscious, but it will not be for a further 9 months until we understand the full implication of what this is.

Feelings such as anger, impatience, resentment and frustration can all arise as Saturn stations to seemingly turn backwards.

Be gentle with yourself, breathe and remember to tune in and meditate
if it all feels a little too much. Remember the Universe is a clever
place and this energy is appearing for a reason.

These feelings tend to indicate where our Ego structures are resistant to change.

Sometimes, although not always we can experience endings at this stage – relationships, habits, ways of living, projects.

These endings actually herald a new beginning and represent a new connection with the environment around us.

Where is Saturn likely to be affecting you?

As always, check the house where Saturn is backtracking within your natal
chart to see in which area of life that this is likely to be affecting

Saturn will station-retrograde at 27 degrees and 47 seconds of Sagittarius and travel seemingly backwards  to 21 degrees and 10 seconds of Sagittarius.

Which house do these degrees fall into and, therefore, which area of life is likely to feel somewhat constricted, delayed or difficult as you learn Saturn’s teachings?

Do you have any planets between 21 and 27 degrees?

What do they represent and how might they be forming part of the picture?
Those planets falling mutable signs are likely to be the ones most strongly affected (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Belief Systems, Truth and The Potential for Rebirth

It seems likely that those affected by this retrograde will be re-assessing where their lives are not a reflection of their truth
(Saturn in Sagittarius).

They may be reassessing their belief systems and by the end of the 9 months could feel as if they have been through a re-birth. It is likely a time of forgiveness for some; including forgiveness of self, whereas others may find that they are
making steps to manifest their desires with the intention of making
their external World a reflection of who they are on the inside.

Sagittarius can denote clumsiness, so you may need to be aware of the saying  ‘More haste, less speed’ and try not to push your rock up hill.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, under the pump and frustrated it may help to place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply for a minute or so (yes, you have time) and to say the words ‘I have all the time in the World’ as you breathe out. Do this as many times as feels right for you and hopefully it will help to centre you.

**Saturn will turn direct on 25th August 2017**; when the pace of  forward momentum is likely to pick up once more.

Mercury Retrograde April 2017

Mercury rules communication and his retrograde periods (when Mercury seemingly travels backward across our skies) can be synonymous with delays and misunderstandings, so be on the look out for what is arising around you and within you.

Mercury Retrograde works very well with ‘re’ words; such as rework, renovate and research and Mercury often gives us a chance to redo what isn’t working so well.

Mercury will travel ‘seemingly backwards’ between 4degrees and 50seconds of Taurus and 24degrees and 15seconds of Aries before once again turning direct on  4th May 2017 (AEST).

Where do those planetary degrees fall in your birth chart?

Which house (area of your life) is up for review?

Do you have planets around those degrees? What do those planets represent?

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (from 10th April until 21st April 2017)

Taurus is related to our connection with the Earth, our Physical Body, Our Sensuality, Finances and Self Worth.

Based on ruling planet, Taurus is associate1d with the Heart Chakra.

As Taurus is an Earth sign, practical matters may be up for **re**view and this is a good time for **re**viewing/**re**assessing **re**valuing budgets and material possessions; perhaps giving gratitude for all that we own and for our bodies,as they carry us through this journey.

We may have to face where we can be stubborn and hold onto rigid views.

For those that haven’t been looking after their body or where there are emotional issues in need of attention, Taurean related health ailments can arise as Mercury relays signals through the body; such as Throat/Tonsil Issues, Problems with the Neck, Voice, Thyroid, Middle Ear and Heart.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries (from 21st April 2017 until May 4th 2017)

Aries is related to The Self, The Head, our Initiative and our Daring to Assert.

Based on ruling planet, Aries is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

As Aries is a Fire sign, what Inspires us may be up for **re**view.

We may have to face where we can be Impatient and selfish or, on the other side, where we fail to assert for what we want.

For those that haven’t been looking after their body or where there are emotional issues in need of attention, Aries related health ailments can arise as Mercury relays signals through the body; such as Headaches, Depression, Burn Out (Adrenal Fatigue), Fevers, Accidents, Burns, Rashes and Sunstroke.

Potential for Awakening, Sudden Inspiration and Freedom of Speech 

Mercury in the sign of the entrepreneur moves to conjunct Uranus (also in Aries) during this retrograde, so you may experience sudden inspiration, the stimulation of ideas or perhaps conversations, which stimulate and excite you to action.

When Mercury conjoins Uranus, the potential of an awakening is also a probability.

You may connect with a part of you that is wanting to break out from mental restriction and themes around the freedom of speech could come to the fore along with a desire to speak out for others.

Healing Relationships, Cultivating Self Love and Balance – Full Moon in Libra 2017


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Relationships, Compassion and Healing

April’s Full Moon will fall in the sign of Libra on 11th April at 04:08pm (AEST) again highlighting our current Jupiter transits and continuing the push for powerful transformation and growth.

This transformation is likely to take place through relationships, relating and/or your relationship with yourself.

Venus rules this Full Moon chart and placed alongside Chiron in Pisces, she indicates the potential for deep sensitivity, compassion and the possible connection with old wounds.

Illumination of Pain Points

Past pain around being unlovable, betrayal (usually of own ideals/expectations) and the struggle for independence within a relationship may arise now as could difficulty with even minor conflict.

Saturn in Sagittarius moving to square Chiron shows the likely need to take responsibility for healing (your own, a loved one or a relationship) and can highlight where fears and restriction may be keeping you bound.

Guilt, Inadequacy, Shame and a lack of self worth can all feature during this transit and you may have to face where walls have been erected that are no longer necessary.

You may have to consider where your desires and/or values are not being met or acknowledged.

Could it be that more self love and assertion (in asking for what you desire) is needed here?

You may also be experiencing financial issues, which can be a reflection of low self worth and can contribute to a feeling of constraint.

Full Moons tend to heighten energy and illuminate what needs attention.

If you’ve had an intense, chaotic and drama-filled build up to this Full Moon then it might be worth considering some changes.

The Moon’s square to Pluto can rumble up deep emotions that may have previously been buried and can also indicate power struggles and/or darker emotions; such as depression, envy and rage.

With Uranus thrown into the mix, there can be sudden revelations, outbursts and the ability to see or connect with what was previously hidden.

With only a few more days until she turns direct, what lessons has Venus bought to you and what now needs to be addressed?

Click here for my Venus Retrograde post if you haven’t read it or would like a refresh 🙂

The Quest for Peace and Sensuality

Libra wants to keep the peace and sometimes at all costs, but such feelings need to be felt, experienced and worked through if true harmony is to be achieved.

Burying emotions and pretending that they don’t exist can lead to them appearing bigger than they truly are.

Remember that our reactions and the way that we deal with such emotions often determine the outcome.

If you’re feeling envy, try looking at what that person or thing has shown you about your own life. What do you desire that they have?

If you’re feeling a sense of rage, try looking at what’s triggering it. Do you need a physical outlet such as regular exercise or more physical connection with your partner (Mars is in Taurus after all) or has someone pushed a boundary too far?

If you’re connecting with darker moods, then maybe there’s a need to clean up your diet, detoxify and/or spend more time outdoors.

With Mars in Taurus inconjunct this Full Moon, the need for greater sensuality and closeness could be strong.

Slowing down and making time for the senses may bring a greater sense of well-being. Think delicious food, massages, nature walks, essential oils …

It’s also possible that stubborn behaviour could be preventing closeness.

Using Mercury’s current retrograde to review what is arising, patiently working through any issues and finding practical and realistic solutions whilst holding yourself and others in compassion may help.

Breaking out of Restriction(s)/ Transmutation and Personal Power

Independence and growth may also feature strongly and you may find conflicts arise with your loved ones; especially where someone may be feeling restricted.

How are you honouring your need for adventure and expansion?

Are any of the above pain points holding you back?

When faced honestly, such pain can be transmuted and released opening us to deeper levels of awakening and re-connecting us with our personal power.


Balance is a key Libran theme.

Are you looking after everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own?

Are you spending too much time at the office and not enough with loved ones?

What steps can be put in place to allow you greater freedom, independence and the ability to enjoy what you value?

What Area of your Life is this Full Moon Highlighting?

Remember to check your chart and to look for where 21 degrees and 32 seconds of Libra and 21 degrees and 32 seconds of Aries fall.

Which house axis is being highlighted and what areas of life does that axis represent?

Do you have any planets sitting around 21 degrees within your chart? What are they bringing to the table?

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The Full Moon falls on Tuesday April 11th at 04:06:48pm  here in Brisbane (AEST).

Much Love,

Toria xo

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