The Sun Sign Self Awareness Series – Video 5 Now Available -> Virgo in the Chart

img_0625Hello Beautiful 😀

Here’s my 5th Video in the Sun Sign Self Awareness Series, which is the second video discussing the Virgo energy.

In today’s video we discuss some of the different ways that the Virgo energy can present through a person by looking at its placement in the different houses of the chart.

There are so many different ways that the different Zodiac energies can show up and it is, therefore, impossible to cover all variations, but hopefully you’ll find some of you in here.

*Note that I did say a couple of errors in today’s video (how very Mercury Retrograde of me 😉):

  • Virgo does not rule the Moon in Esoteric Astrology – The Moon rules Virgo in Esoteric Astrology 😉
  • The 6th House is the House of Sickness (Not Health), although Virgo is very aligned with healing and the Health Industry 😉


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If you’d like more information on this cycle of Mercury Retrograde, you can find it here 😉

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Mercury Is Now Retrograde

From now until September 13th take the time to tune into your intuition 🙇🏽 and be alert for signs and symbols ⚛.

Delays may arise🚦🚗, so it’s a good idea to factor in extra time and place caveats around deadlines.

Note what is coming up for you.

What message(s) 🌬 are you being given?

What needs re-work, re-vision or re-visiting?

This is a powerful time for meditation 🙏🏽and creative insights ✍🏽

Taking time out to rest 😴 can restore calm and lessen frustration.

With Mercury conjunct Venus and Jupiter today and forming an opposition with Chiron there could be lessons around use of words in relation to money 💸 and relationships 💏

Remember that simply moving the ‘s’ can make words your sword!! ⚔

Are you using your words for good or are they causing pain? 

I.e. Are your words keeping you stuck in repeating negative patterns, are you engaging in negative self-talk or are you excessively critical of others?

💖 Use them wisely 💖

For more detail on Mercury Retrograde in Vigo during 2016, click here 👍🏻

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Mercury is Almost Retrograde – Is Life Slowing Around You?

Take the Time to Review, Rewrite and Reorganise your Daily PracticesEven though tomorrow is the big day (when Mercury will seemingly change direction) you may have begun to notice a slowing effect within your life.

That’s because Mercury is now moving extremely slowly.

I’ve spent the last few days feeling quite exhausted, have already witnessed 2 car accidents and, this morning, I was stuck in traffic on the school run due to some local road development ramping up.

The key to all of this is ‘to surrender’.

The Universe often works in this way when we are being asked to slow down.

Sending us such things as Illness, Rainy Days, Extreme Tiredness, Delays…

It also helps to remain ‘self aware’ as Mercury slows. 

Notice what is occurring around you and note your reactions. Are delays or other frustrations triggering you?

And, if so, are you going into judgement or are you taking responsibility?

Shouting and throwing hand gestures at your fellow drivers may feel good for all of 3 minutes, but is it really the answer?

Such a reaction may actually indicate a deeper issue – perhaps that you’re generally feeling stressed or over-burdened.

Can you take some time-out for rest or use this Mercury Retrograde period to rework your schedule?

Do you need to cultivate more tolerance and patience; perhaps needing to rephrase how you communicate with others?

Maybe greater organisation is needed in your daily routine to mitigate anxiety or panic attacks?

Try taking some ‘deep breaths’ and affirm: “I am always in the right place at the right time”.

Because Mercury Retrograde is synonymous with computer (communication device) glitches, it is recommended that you back up your computers and take good care of your phones during this time.

I backed mine up over the weekend.

Not because I believe that my PC is going to randomly start failing on me, but because Mercury’s retrograde journey forces us to look at what we haven’t been attending to.

This is the time to review, rewire, rethink and revise.

‘Check and Double-Check’ Everything – Appointments, Conversations, The Fine Print, Event Times/Schedules, Conversations …

‘Be Prepared to Take Detours’, as life may not go according to plan for the next few weeks and, with this retrograde falling in Virgo, health may require greater attention.

Could this be your chance for a re-tune or a detox?

Connecting with nature on a daily basis, meditating and an understanding of the bigger picture can all help you to stay centred now.

Above all, use this time wisely by being sure to factor in some time to revisit, revamp, reconnect, review, rectify and rework anything that you have been putting off and remember to be open to the deeper meaning of what Mercury’s messages are relaying to you.

If you’d like to know more about the energy of this particular Mercury Retrograde you can visit these links:

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September’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Time for Practical Solutions?

As Mercury brings unconscious behaviour_situations to light, what practical solutions will you put in place.png

August’s New Moon (also a Solar Eclipse) falls on September 1st, which is the first day of Spring for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere and of Autumn for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.

A Powerful New Moon and a New Season.


New Moon’s offer us the chance to set intentions for something new within our lives.

Whereas, Solar Eclipses tend to be experienced as external events, which illuminate an area of our life; bringing previously hidden/unacknowledged behaviours or circumstances to light.

For example, through events and/or people.


What will this Eclipse bring forth for you to acknowledge and in which area of your life is it falling?

Look for where 9 degrees and 21 seconds falls within your natal chart and check the house (area of life) in order to ascertain this.

If you need further help with this activity, my E-Book “Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness” can help. You can claim your free copy here.


Bernadette Brady in her work on the Saros Cycles tells us that the energy of this particular eclipse is about truth; about getting real and seeing a situation for what it truly is.

If we choose to work with what has been highlighted it can be a productive time.


With all the Virgo energy in play at this New Moon health or healing could well play a part.

Virgo (also being a realistic sign) offers the chance to get practical with problem solving and you may find that others can help with something that may otherwise be a struggle.


The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse/New Moon is: Virgo 10: “Two Heads Looking Out And Beyond The Shadows”

This speaks of ‘Two Heads often being better than One” when it comes to seeking a solution.


The Moon’s T Square with Neptune and the Saturn/Mars conjunction indicates that it may be important to get clear on what it is that you’re trying to achieve; to remain true to your own path. Therefore, avoiding the tendency to be swayed by others, lost in brain fog and getting nowhere.


Strengthening your intuition and connecting to your heart can often increase faith, clarity and ‘an instinctive knowing’ of which path is the right one for you; leading to focus and confidence in moving forwards.

Too much mind energy can cause procrastination and fear, so be mindful of needless worrying.

Mercury (still in his introspective phase of the retrograde) is ruler of this Moon and is currently on Virgo 29: “A Man Is Gaining Secret Knowledge From An Ancient Scroll He Is Reading”.

This symbol intimates that there is no rush.

Take some time out in reflection; to meditate, consult the signs/oracles/experts of choice; to research and perhaps look to the way of the Ancients if this is correct for you.

Is it time to step back and to do some more checking?

Are you gaining insight into previously hidden behaviour/patterns?


This is the point of Mercury Retrograde; not to simply frustrate nor delay us, but to offer us the chance to see what was hereto missed.

To re-visit, re-do and to tie up all loose ends, so that we can continue from a stronger, more informed position.


The opposition to Neptune hints at heightened intuition and this along with the trine to Pluto is a further reminder that it is important to remain in your power at this time, so as not to be swayed by others or to fall prey to confusion, imagined worries and/or doubt.


The Moon’s degree raises a point about tolerance and relinquishing the need to be right (which can be a Virgo tendency). Is it really worth the argument?

If we’ve never walked in someone else’s shoes then we cannot possibly know what is right for them.


Stay true to your own heart, your own path and keep the faith. We cannot know where it will lead, but it’s important to remember that life has our back.

It is the fear that arises from our own minds that can keep us held back or held in chains when we fear ‘the shadows’.


Remember to look for planets in your personal birth chart that fall around 9 degrees; especially of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

If you find any, then this Eclipse may affect you to a stronger degree and the actions that you take now could be life-changing.


It can also be enlightening to check your children’s charts (if you are a parent).


The New Moon/Eclipse will fall on September 1st at 07:03pm here in Brisbane (AEST).


Remember that New Moons are a great time to meditate, set intentions, plant the seeds of new beginnings and to cleanse your crystals.


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Mercury’s Earthy Focus During 2016

MEA Image (Tumblr)

During 2016, Mercury’s retrograde focus has been on the Earth signs, which makes for a year when we have been likely reassessing the current structures of our lives and dealing with the practicalities.

Organisation, attending to the mundane, healthful eating and exercise regimes, Mercury Retrograde 2016de-cluttering of one’s home, office and/or car, day to day routine and the status of one’s bank account could all be featuring strongly this year.

It is a year of re-assessing our reality and for getting ‘our house in order’ so to speak.


Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

We have now entered the lead up period to Mercury’s third retrograde cycle of 2016, which will take place in the Earthy sign of Virgo.

Are you being pulled to re-address some of the finer detail within your life? What is requiring greater organisation?

Virgo is a sign greatly aligned with analysis and refinement, so this is a fabulous period to re-visit anything that needs to be re-tuned or re-worked; be it at home, in the office, a subject for study or in relation to your health and body.

Mercury’s Retrograde periods are synonymous with delays and with Virgo being a stickler for the detail, it will be wise to add a little fat into any deadlines that you’re working on, as now is a strong time for finding mistakes.

Revisiting the Past

As Mercury is ruler of communication, you may find that you are revisiting the past in some way.

Dreaming of old friends, being reconnected with old work colleagues or heading down memory lane can all feature strongly now; sometimes in relation to something karmic that needs to be cleared up.

Turning Inward/Going Within

You may also find that you are feeling more withdrawn than is usual, as the mind can become more subdued/inward during a Mercury Retrograde and it can be a good time for meditation and connecting more readily with our subconscious mind.

Many writers have Mercury Retrograde within their birth charts so connecting with your innate self-expression through journaling/poetry or creative writing may prove fruitful at this time.

Be on the look out for signs and symbols, as your ability to pick up on them could be stronger at this time.

Potential for Miscommunication and Delay

Delays, mix ups and mishaps may arise and it is important to double-check information at this time and to be clear with your words and your instructions.

Rest assured that if you aren’t, Mercury will point it out for you so that you can learn from whatever confusion has occurred and hone your communication accordingly.

Mercury is a teacher, after all and he is adept at bringing subconscious patterns to light during his retrograde phase.

What do you need to work on in relation to the way that you communicate?

‘Communication’ covers anything that connects us to others; including short journeys, so journeys, cars, the mail service, emails, computers and telephones can all feature at this time.

It is advisable to back-up computers, re-read anything written, plan ahead and check the small print.

Potential for Increased Anxiety and Criticism

Virgo is also a sign that loves to work and to feel purposeful.

With 3 planets in Virgo along with the North Node and The Sun at the time of the retrograde be prepared for an increase in busyness, self-analysis and mind chatter.

Virgo seeks perfection so be mindful of a tendency to over-criticise others at this time and be especially kind to yourself, as self-criticism and negative self talk can increase anxiety levels.

If this is affecting you, spending plenty of time in nature can help. Sitting on a large area of grass surrounded by trees and gazing at the green colours can bring about calm as can hugging a tree.

Meditation can help to restore frayed nerves and settle those worried thoughts as can Lavender Essential Oil and Crowea Bush Flower Essence

Where Will This Mercury Retrograde Affect You?

To understand where this energy is playing out within your life, look for 14 to 29 degrees of Virgo within your personal birth chart. Which house is it in?

Also look for 14 to 29 degrees of the other Earth Signs (Taurus and Capricorn), as this will indicate where you have been called to get more practical, organised and grounded in reality this year.

Also look for any natal planets around these degrees that will come into contact with Mercury during his retrograde journey.

If you’d like a free copy of my E-Book ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness’ to help you to explore this, you can click here.


An understanding of the different phases of the Mercury Retrograde Phase can help you make the best of this time.

Click here for a break down of this particular Mercury Retrograde Phase. You may wish to print it out and use it for reference.

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Hello Lovely You 😀

Here’s a short video discussing the Sun’s ☀️ move into Virgo ♍️ early this morning.

If you’d like to know what that could mean for you with regards to the energy ✨🙌🏻✨ shift for this month then just click play 😀

I also give you a quick heads up of what to be aware of 👀 as we approach next week’s Mercury Retrograde (also taking place in Virgo ♍️)

My full Mercury Retrograde blog post will be available tomorrow evening 😉

See you then,

Toria xo

P.S. If you’re new to the Sun Sign Self Awareness Series, you can catch up here 😉

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