New Moon in Leo August 2016 – Is It Time To Be The Star In Your Own Show?

Mandie Painting and Lights
Be The Star In Your Own Show

The New Moon in Leo will take place on August 3rd 2016 at 06:43am here in Brisbane.

New Moon’s herald the chance of a new beginning and it can be a powerful time to set intentions.

Looking at where this Moon falls within your birth chart gives clues as to the potential seeds that are being planted.

Leo is the sign ruled by The Sun β˜€οΈ and The Sun denotes our core essence in Astrology.

The placement of The Sun, along with the themes of the house(s) in which we find Leo, represent where we connect with our deepest joy πŸ’–, what lights us up ✨ and what fulfils us ☺️.

What has arisen for you this week in relation to these themes?

Which house is the New Moon πŸŒ™ highlighting within your chart (Look for 10 degrees of Leo β™ŒοΈ)?

… and do you have any natal planets falling around 10 degrees that will also be triggered by this Moon?

Neptune and the South Node in Pisces are forming an inconjunct with this New Moon reminding you to reconsider your dreams; the precious dreams held deep within your being since the day that you were born into this lifetime.

Where we find Neptune and The Sun, we can also meet with the impossible quest for perfection, self-doubt, irrational fear and a lack of confidence.

This is the proverbial “rock and a hard place” – the choice with Leo is to dare to be seen or to spend your life wishing you could!

You are More than Enough.

You are a Radiant, Creative, Being of Love and You have Unique Gifts🎁 to Offer.

Why not set the intention at this New Moon to Let Go of all that is Holding You Back from who you wish to Be in this World?

How can you Express more of You; especially in the area that is being activated within your chart?

The Trine to Saturn indicates that discipline and a willingness to take responsibility for your future can help with that.

Why not do something scary and take that next step?

No more Hiding.


The Square to the Black Moon hints that it could be time to reconnect with your Inner Power.

Have you been giving this away?

… perhaps, through failing to take charge of your life or through failing to erect appropriate boundaries with others?

You may find yourself embroiled in life’s dramas (your own or other’s), but perhaps this month may be better spent making steps to becoming the star of your own life.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is Leo 11: “Children On A Swing In The Safety Of A Huge Oak Tree” bringing to mind images of fun, carefree play, support and safety.

Look to those who give you encouragement at this New Moon and Give Yourself Permission to truly Embrace who You are and to chase your Bliss.

That joyful expression of your deepest self!

You don’t have to know all the answers and you don’t have to rush.

You can do it in your own sweet time in relation to what you can comfortably manage.

Now could be the time to lay strong foundations whilst remembering the importance of balance within our lives.

Working for your dreams whilst remembering to enjoy the journey and to give Gratitude for all that you are and for all that you have in the present moment.

Neptune can also ask us to acknowledge where there may have been an over-emphasis on dreaming the dream and not actually doing anything to actualise it or perhaps feelings ofΒ  victimisation are strong at this time.

You are the creator of your destiny. You have the power to change your life and You can create a life that you LOVE.

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For me, this New Moon is falling in my 7th house. The house of personal relationships and other people.

I have been reminded of late just how much encouraging others lights me up.

I feel a deep desire to help others; especially in helping them to understand themselves (Leo also rules my 8th house of the psyche) and to reconnect them with their innate essence so that they can live fulfilled and joyful lives.

This Moon is also making an exact aspect with my Midheaven (career/outer status) reminding me that this is the foundation of Mother Earth Astrology and Natural Healing – to empower others to follow their bliss whilst leading healthy and whole lives.

Leo is associated with Royalty and Leos love to be adored.

On that note, I have to own that ‘The Queen’ has also been well and truly re-activated within me and the desire to be honoured a little more within the personal relationships that I share with my family πŸ™‚

Something I’m sure that most of us Mums connect with from time to time.

Maybe flowers will make up a part of my New Moon intentions this week, along with foot rubs, massages, dinner being prepared…

Where are you seeking adoration?


Uranus Turns Retrograde 2016 – Prepare To Update The Outmoded and Break Free of Restrictions.

Uranus Turns Retrograde 2016 - PAID

Uranus turned retrograde this morning in the sign of Aries triggering a sudden Reawakening and Intensification of the Urge to Break Free of Restrictive or Outmoded Situations.

With the upcoming Leo New Moon on Wednesday you may well be wanting to ‘Release the Chains that Bind’

… and to place more of You into Your Life.

Leo is all about the core self and the Desire to Be Seen

add to that a slow-moving Uranus in Aries and we’re talking the Urgent and Sudden impulse for Change, Rebellion and Break-Throughs.

An uprising from the Inner Being, if you like πŸ˜‰ to create the Life you desire.

If you have Planets between 20 and 24 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra,Capricorn), you are likely to be strongly affected by this energy.

Perhaps now is the time to release some fear and try something new in relation to what has been erking you since April, but be wary of throwing the baby out with the bath water and of knee jerk reactions.


This Uranus Retrograde cycle will be in play until December 2016 so you have time.

Look after your Nervous System and if you’re prone to stress, you may wish to read here.

Today’s Moon in Gemini (hitting off a Mutable T Square involving Jupiter in Virgo) may well find you feeling a little on edge, intellectually overwhelmed and potentially unfocused.

Perhaps even frustrated and/or anxious.

Go Outdoors, Seek some Peace, Connect with the Breath and Contemplate what is Outworn and Potentially Stifling.

What do you need to Do to bring forth some Needed Change?

Uranus is known as “The Great Awakener”.

What Exciting Potentials is he Awakening within you?


What Fulfils You? What Lights You Up? Where Do You Have The Potential To Shine? – Video 2 In My Sun Sign Self Awareness Series Is Released Today

I have just released my Second Video in the Sun Sign Self Awareness Series.

Today I share with you how to locate the Sun and the Sign of Leo in your Birth Chart and what those placements mean in relation to connecting with your Innate Joy and Fulfilment.

We discuss:

– What Lights You Up?
– Connecting With Your Gift(s).
– Where Do You Have The Potential To Shine?

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If you are becoming aware of any pain points or energetic blockages that may be holding you back from being a greater expression of yourself and if you would like to seek healing for these, you can take a look at the Leo-Related Remedies in my Online Store**.

Perhaps something will resonate that will help to move you forward.

You can also use the ‘Search’ option on my website to look up a key word. For example, if you are connecting with a sense of guilt, enter ‘guilt’ into the ‘search’ panel to look for related remedies.

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The Medicinal Benefits of Gold

Golden Relief
Golden ReLeaf

Gold is the metal ruled Astrologically by The Sun and did you know that it not only looks beautiful, but it has medicinal benefits for you too?

The medicinal use of Gold dates back to Ancient Egypt where they believed that to ingest it as an elixir purified the body, mind and spirit as well as alleviating a plethora of health complaints; such as Arthritis (due to its anti-inflammatory action).

With this in mind and in celebration of our Leo month, I am introducing you to a powerful organic blend of seeds, flowers, oils, essences and Gold, which is a potent Healing combination called Golden ReLeaf (Ingredients (all organic) listed below).

This beautiful bottle fits easily into your handbag ensuring that you have it close at all times – in the office or on family outings.

Golden ReLeaf is a powerful ally in your medical kitbag owing to its ability to bring relief to a multitude of ailments (I.e.Bites, Stings, Stiff Joints, Headaches, Skin Rashes, Toothache, Burns, Scalds, Cold sores, Itching, Swelling, Stiff Neck/Muscle Ache, Bruises, Sprains, Arthritic/Rheumatic Relief, Stomach Ache, Sinus/Cold Relief).

You can buy yours here.

When we wear Gold on the body it is absorbed through the skin, which is why rings can thin over time.

Because it is non-toxic and resistant to bacteria, Gold is widely used in dental work and surgical procedures and it is believed to raise the level of vibration in the body increasing vitality.

Gold is also used to promote youthfulness because of its anti-aging effects

Golden ReLeaf Ingredients: – 24K Pure Medicinal Gold, Safflower, Wintergreen, Menthol, Camphor, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Arnica and Helichrysum.

Order yours now.

Did you watch my video to help you to connect with the Leo energy this month?

If not,Β  you can watch the first video from my Sun Sign Self Awareness Series here.

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As the Sun moves into Leo β™ŒοΈ, the sign of his rulership 🦁, you may want to spend some time contemplating how you are expressing this playful, creative πŸ’– and joyful πŸ’› energy within your life. 

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To help you to connect with this process you can watch the first video from my Sun Sign Self Awareness Series here.

Remember to subscribe to my channel for future video updates πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ» 

The Sun will move into Leo at 07:30pm here in Brisbane (AEST) .

* Chart Image from a selection in Astro Gold πŸ’–

Ever Present, Ever Nurturing. Have You Connected with Mother Nature Today?


All around me I’mΒ  hearing stories. This year has been a tough one and many are feeling it.

Are you one of them?

If so, then always remember that around you is a silent well of infinite support.

Holding you, cheering you on and reminding you that much healing comes from being present in the moment.

Nature holds no expectations nor disappointment, No judgement nor regret.

Nature simply Is.

Hang on in there and remember to connect with the necessary element(s) that your well-being needs today.

  • Fire: Life-Giving, Motivational, Ignites Passion, Inspires and Moves Stagnant Energy

-> Move your Body – Walk, Run…whatever appeals, Stare into a Candle or watch Flames Flicker on an open Fire, Get out into the Sun, Listen to Motivational Talks; Fire Energises, Re-ignites and Sets us Alight.

More on Fire.

  • Earth: Solid, Stable/Reliable and Calming; Earth literally brings us Back Down To Earth (Grounding)

-> Stare at an open field of Green Grass, Sit beneath the boughs of a Tree and Hug it, Connect with a Grounding Crystal (such as Black Tourmaline or Hematite), Carry out a Grounding Ritual.

More on Earth.

  • Air: Inspiring, Rejuvenating, Uplifting and Enlivening; Air helps us to feel Informed and Reconnected

-> Meditate (connect with the breath), Open the Windows, Listen to Bird Song, Read Uplifting Quotes, Play Uplifting Music, Talk to someone

More onΒ Air.

  • Water: Refreshing andΒ  Receptive; Water Purifies and Cleanses the Soul enabling Emotional Release through Compassion

-> Take a Natural Salt Bath, Sit by a Waterfall, Swim in the Ocean, Watch a Sad Movie and Cry, Hydrate your body with Adequate Water (1 Litre per 22kgs of body weight)

More on Water.

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