Full Moon June 2016 and Solstice

On Monday, we have our Full Moon πŸŒ• in Sagittarius, shortly followed by the Solstice.

Sagittarius ♐️ is representative of truth, freedom and spiritual seeking.

The Mutable Grand Cross (Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, Neptune/South Node in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Gemini) is still very much present asking us to consider how free we feel about the expression πŸ’– of our truth/our ideas as well as how we wish to serve others.

What is being illuminated πŸ”¦ for you? Are your daily actions in line with your inner truth? Do they imbue you with a sense of freedom and a trust that you are working your higher purpose?

Saturn, currently retrograde and also in Sagittarius, is asking what structures exist in your life that do not support this truth πŸ€”.

With Neptune conjunct the South Node and square to Saturn, we could be letting go πŸ‘‹ of these elements.

Even though things may not yet be clear, what is your heart ❀️ saying?

Fear can have us holding on too tightly 😱; resisting change.

Often our intuition πŸ™‡πŸ½ can guide the way if we can open to trust.

The Saturn/Neptune square, which has again exacted over the weekend, can bring up feelings of inadequacy or anxiety in the pursuit of one’s dreams 🌟. There could be fear of letting go; of trusting one’s innate intuition and the process of life, which leads to holding on too tightly and the tendency to stress, which that approach can bring.

Guilt could arise over wanting to pursue an ideal that seems at odds with the structures of society and yet, manifesting your dream (whatever it is that makes your heart sing 🎀) is precisely what you are here for.  

With Venus conjunct the Sun β˜€οΈ the question of what you love and value in your life could be strong. What makes you feel emotionally secure πŸ’?  Likely with the current configuration, it’s the simple things that will be coming up around this time.

With Chiron and Mars forming a Trine there is potential for insight πŸ” into how you assert for what you desire. Do you feel confident in standing your ground or do you find yourself apologising for actions that could be deemed selfish?

What has been coming up over the last week in relation to this theme? Have you connected with any suppressed Mars energy – i.e. aggression, ambition, lust, jealousy, resentment?

If so, then Mars, currently retrograde, is working his magic πŸ’«.

Acknowledging these feelings and exploring them often leads to self-understanding.

With Chiron placed in Pisces ♓️, healing could come through dancing. Try putting on an aggressive dance song, for example and stamping it out for a while.

Alternatively, there could be a strong desire to help others bubbling up in you at this Full Moon πŸŒ•.

The need for flexibility and focus is still strong so remember to bring in those rituals that will help support this. Meditation, Grounding routine, Working with Crystals πŸ’Ž and/or Essences.

Solstice will take place on Tuesday 21st June at 08:34am here in Brisbane (AEST).

For us, in the Southern Hemisphere, is a time for drawing inwards, as we travel into Winter ❄️ so don’t be surprised if you’re feeling less extroverted than you normally would around a Full Moon. 

Celebrating the simple things what you are grateful for; such as a warm bed, access to clean water daily, loving friends/family and food 🍯🍊on the table seems a beautiful way to celebrate this energy.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of the Summer Solstice; a time when the energy is heightened and full. 

Perhaps a garden party🌿 in celebration of the longest day of the year, partaking in nourishing, healthful food and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones appeals.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is Sagittarius 30: β€œThe Pope Blessing The Faithful”. To whom or what do you pledge your true, inner allegiance? Are you honouring it and are you making time to honour rituals πŸ™πŸ»  in your life that support this regardless of others’ opinions?


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