The Healing Power of Tea Tree Essential Oil

T is also for Tea Tree 🌿

Tea Tree Essential Oil is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal 💚

It is Totally Terrific for Treating insect bites 🐜, which is something
much needed when you live in a country 🌏renowned for insects.

Here in Brisbane a green ant 🐜bite can be nasty 😩 and can sometimes result in swelling.

The last time this happened to me I ran a shallow foot bath, added pink 💓 salt to it, and applied one dab of neat Tea Tree to my foot in some coconut oil. I then sat with my foot 👣 in the bath.

Within seconds I could feel the relief 🙂 and the swelling soon abated.

I’ve also used Tea Tree 🌿 oil successfully to Treat Mastitis after my
Aromatherapy massage therapist recommended it’s use in this capacity.
One neat drop 💧applied to the affected nipple can bring about quick relief and healing 💚

Be sure to wash it away before baby’s 👶🏼 next feed if this is something you wish to Try 👍🏻

It may also help to have a go at expressing some milk from the affected breast in a warm bath 🛀🏻 or using a warm face cloth to relieve the block (which is what I’d been doing before my massage).

Tea Tree oil can also be successfully used in home cleaning products 🏡 and it is a powerful ally to remedy cuts, colds, coughs and flu 😤

Don Tolman’s Tea Tree oil is 100% pure and organic and a little goes a long way 💚🌿


T is for Trinity

Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness

T is for Trinity

The word ‘Trinity’ is derived from Two Terms – Tri meaning Three and unity meaning one.

It is a Term used to portray how Three elements can make up a whole.

Those who follow religion use it to explain God in The sense of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

In Astrology, we use the Term Trinity To define the placement of a person’s Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising Sign).

These Three elements describe a great deal about a person and can give a
strong understanding of That person’s unique blueprint.

Most of
us will already know our Sun sign, as it is The sign in which the Sun
fell on our birth date.  It is also what popular Astrology uses. Your
Sun sign is essentially what is used in Newspapers and on coffee mugs to
denote information about you.

The Sun is our essence. It Tells
us where we shine in life and it gives information as to the Type of
fathering that we received.
We develop the qualities of our Sun sign
as we grow. The more we develop and become our Sun the more fulfilled
we feel and the greater light we are able to shine out at The World.

The Moon is our emotional nature. It Tells us what our basic needs are,
how we can nurture ourselves and gives information as to the Type of
mothering That we received.

The Ascendant is our rising sign;
The sign that was appearing over the horizon as we entered The Earth.
The Ascendant denotes how we embrace new situations and how we present
ourselves To The World.

It is said That Through developing The
characteristics of The Ascendant we find The path To our essence;
ultimately attaining fulfillment.

Saturn Retrograde 2016

Has anyone noticed a change in tempo? Any delays popping up?

It may just be that you are being affected by Saturn. Saturn is currently in the sign of Sagittarius so a word of caution here. Sagittarians can be prone to a bout of clumsiness now and again so it may be prudent to tune into the energy instead of rushing around and trying to get nowhere fast.

The saying ‘More haste, less speed’ seems very relevant for the energy right now.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, under the pump and frustrated it may help to place your hand on your heart, breathe deeply for a minute or so (yes, you have time) and to say the words ‘I have all the time in the World’ as you breathe out. Do this as many times as feels right for you and hopefully it will help to centre you.

Here’s more about that retrograde:

On 25th March 2016 at 08:01pm (AEST – GMT+10) – UK 10:01am Saturn will turn retrograde.

Planets do not actually stop and travel backwards as they orbit the
Sun, but from our geocentric view here on Earth they appear to do this.

When Saturn turns retrograde it can seem as if something within our
life has suddenly come to a standstill. Progress can be delayed and
frustrations can arise, as we are offered the chance to review the
structures that we have built within our lives as well as to check in
with the status of our inner authority.

Perhaps there is
something that you are trying to achieve, but you are experiencing
pressure from other areas within your life that seem to prevent you from
moving forwards with it.

Saturn’s station-retrograde is a time
when something new begins to stir within our unconscious, but it will
not be for a further 9 months until we understand the full implication
of what this is.
Feelings such as anger, impatience, resentment and frustration can all arise at this stage of the retrograde.

Be gentle with yourself, breathe and remember to tune in and meditate
if it all feels a little too much. Remember the Universe is a clever
place and this energy is appearing for a reason.

These feelings tend to indicate where our Ego structures are resistant to change.

The dates of this retrograde are interesting due to their timeliness
with the eclipses that we have experienced during March; especially as
the Saros Cycle relevant for these Eclipses held a similar theme to how
Saturn retrograde can be experienced.

Sometimes, although not
always we experience endings at this stage – relationships, habits, ways
of living, projects. These endings actually herald a new beginning and
represent a new connection with the environment around us.

always, check the house where Saturn is backtracking within your natal
chart to see in which area of life that this is likely to be affecting
you. Check for natal planets between 9 and 16 degrees of Sagittarius, as
this is where Saturn will be activating your chart. Planets between 9
and 16 degrees of the other signs will also be affected; especially the
Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), as Saturn will be
forming hard aspects to these during his journey.

The energy of
the Saturn retrograde appears to be in keeping with Saturn’s transit
through Sagittarius and it is quite timely for this time of year –
Sagittarius 17: “An Easter Sunrise Service Draws a Large Crowd”.

It seems likely that those affected by this retrograde will be
re-assessing where their lives are not a reflection of their truth
(Saturn in Sagittarius).

They may be reassessing their belief
systems and by the end of the 9 months could feel as if they have been
through a re-birth.
It is likely a time of forgiveness for some;
including forgiveness of self, whereas others may find that they are
making steps to manifest their desires with the intention of making
their external World a reflection of who they are on the inside.

With Saturn moving to his second square with Neptune there may be
periods of self-doubt and perceived inadequacy along the way. Saturn’s
square to Chiron can also find us rather self-crical. Remember to keep
connecting back to your heart if you are experiencing this; perhaps
through meditation.

Try not to be so hard on yourself and if the
negative self-talk becomes overwhelming journaling could help to let
out some of those feelings.  This process may lead you to connect with
the root cause; perhaps an old pattern that needs to be healed.

For some, there could be confusion around what is/isn’t real and perhaps there could be changes of faith in some instances.

With Saturn in a tight T square with Venus and Jupiter in the
retrograde chart this period could feel restrictive; like being between a
rock and a hard place and relationships could be tense as a result.

Assess where your life is not honoring your individuality – perhaps
within your relationships, your work, your friendship groups. Do you
feel suffocated or misaligned and do things need to change?

What work needs to take place to ensure that you gift yourself greater freedom and self-expression in the future?

Money could also feature. It may be time to assess your relationship
with money and to take this time to re-assess your financial position
and put in steps towards a more abundant future.

Venus is also on an Easter-themed Sabian Symbol at Pisces 17: “An Easter
Promenade”.  Again reminiscent of Renewal, Transformation and Rebirth
as well as the potential questioning of beliefs – i.e. why do we
celebrate the things that we do?

Perhaps this “promenade” is also
indicative of a celebration post the transformation period. Remember to
celebrate the wins along the way.

With Saturn forming a square to the Nodal Axis this process seems necessary for our personal and collective evolution –

Moving towards a future reflective of our core self that enables growth
whilst also healing and letting go of old, outdated patterns and belief
systems that have previously kept us stuck.
I’ll be sending out updates as we journey through the different stages of the Saturn Retrograde.

Bernadette Brady  The Eagle and The Lark
Lynda Hill  The Sabian Symbols (360 degrees of Wisdom)

T is for Turmeric

Mother Earth Astrology A to Z to Wellness

Tuesday Tip Off

T is for Turmeric

Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, which gives it it’s vibrant yellow colour.

Curcumin is nature’s anti-inflammatory and it can help to alleviate conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Studies have shown it effective in healing and halting the growth of
melanoma (skin cancer) as well as negating other cancer activity.

Turmeric has also proven effective in lowering cholesterol, protecting
the liver from Toxins, lowering blood sugar and in its protection of the
stomach against acid.

It can be used in a wide variety of foods; including curries, smoothies, salads and juices.

If you’d like to find out more about the healing power of foods and
natural healing you can order your copy of The Farmacist Desk Reference

What is Being Illuminated – 2nd March Eclipse 2016

At 10pm on Wednesday we have our second eclipse of 2016 and the last eclipse of this particular eclipse season.

If you recall my post on March 3rd (related to the previous New Moon Eclipse of the 9th March) these two eclipses belong to Saros Cycle 18 South. According to Bernadette Brady (The Eagle and The Lark) this is a series ‘concerned with endings or separations; dealing with a parting. However, the pain of the separation is lessened by encountering new situations which lead to very positive outcomes’.

As this coming eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse the energy tends to come from within us rather than be experienced as an external event. What are we now feeling as we move towards the end of what has been a demanding month emotionally and energetically for many? What are we in need of?

Have we acknowledged something that needs to be let go of within our lives or has something been removed? This can be a relationship, a health issue (i.e. letting go of unhealthful habits/eating patterns), a job or maybe a daily routine.

When an Eclipse falls across the Aries/Libra polarity the energy is concerned with the balance between our individual self and how we relate to others and Wednesday’s eclipse seems to indicate that some time out; potentially with our loved ones would be beneficial for us all.

The Moon is on Libra 4: “A Group of Young People Sit in Spiritual Communion Around a Campfire”. Maybe scheduling some time out in nature with those of like-mind to nurture your spirit would be beneficial. Giving a sense of connection, easy conversation, relaxation and perhaps; shared passion.

If romance has been neglected of late it could be time to schedule a date night and get a sitter for the kids with the Sun on Aries 4: “Two Lovers Are Strolling Through a Secluded Walk” or perhaps someone has just experienced a relationship break up and now needs some private time away from the ‘busyness’ of life to heal.
Whatever the situation, we can all benefit from embracing peace and solitude for a little while; to connect with our inner selves.

Mars, in aspect to both luminaries (Sun and Moon) is hinting at fun and, perhaps, family time on Sagittarius 6: “A Game of Cricket”.

With Easter upon us I hope that we can all take some much-needed time out to connect with our loved ones, to be still and to enjoy one another’s company.

By ‘downing tools’ once in a while we can often regain our motivation, enthusiasm and momentum.

Venus; as dispositor of the Moon is on Pisces 14: “A Woman Wrapped in Fox Fur”. This symbol along with Mars “A Game of Cricket” appears to be reminding us of the need to be in our truth and to be mindful of how we play the game of life. Are we honouring our innermost self? Who are we presenting to the World? Is this a true representation?

With both Mars and Venus disposited by Jupiter on Virgo 17: “A Volcanic Eruption Bringing Dust Clouds, Flowing Lava, Earth Rumblings” we may find that we or others are emotionally volatile at this time; perhaps greatly needing that time out.

This symbol may also hint at where we have been suppressing emotions (or parts of ourselves) that greatly need to be aired and transformed.

Perhaps we can no longer pretend to be someone that we aren’t.
Eclipse energy often offers us the chance of transformation so be mindful of what is happening around you at the minute.

With this being a North Node eclipse what changes would you like to see by the end of this period; based on what you are now seeing within your life?

The North Node is on Virgo 22: “A Royal Coat of Arms Enriched with Precious Stones” reminding us that whatever we transform about ourselves we also transform for our families.

Perhaps bringing in family rituals around relaxation or making the change to healthful living will be remembered in your children’s hearts and minds and will be passed down for generations to come.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun on Aries 3: “A Cameo Shows the Profile of a Man That Suggests the Outline of His Country”. How do you want to be remembered in relation to your lineage? Are you making your individual mark or representing your cultures and traditions in the way that you want?

Mercury; placed in Aries, is in trine with Mars and we have Jupiter as his final dispositor. This is indicating the potential for fiery communication; perhaps we need to listen to what is being said rather than impatiently jumping in ahead of time.

Mercury’s opposition to the Moon can indicate defensiveness so be mindful of where you can feel this creeping in and perhaps look at the underlying defence mechanism that is in play. Is it still necessary?

Those with planets around 3degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are likely to be the ones most strongly affected and eclipse energy tends to be in play within our lives for approximately 6 months.

Remember to look at the houses where these degrees fall within your individual natal chart to see the themes that are likely to be playing out at this time.

Happy Astrological New Year 🎉 – Equinox

With the sun at the final degree of Pisces ♓️ don’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling a little tired, inward or emotional this morning 😴😭

It may be wise to watch a movie 📺 or gift yourself a little nap rather than attempting to push if things appear more effort than is usual 😞

At 2:30pm this afternoon (Brisbane EST, (which is GMT+10), 4:30am in England) the sun will enter zero degrees of Aries ♈️ marking the start of a new Astrological year 🎉

Aries is a fire 🔥 sign associated with initiation, new beginnings, motivation and assertion.

With the Moon residing in creative Leo ♌️ and Venus and Mars both aspecting Neptune at the time of the Equinox make room for romance 🌹and allow your imagination to run free ✨

Jupiter in Virgo ♍️ reminds us to take care of the details before we go bravely rushing off on our trusty steeds set to conquer.

The next 24 hours are a potent time for meditation 🙏🏻 or other spiritual practices and to glean insight 🌟 into the shadow side of our natures, which may have been coming to the fore this weekend.

Happy Equinox Everyone 💚